Monday, February 13, 2006

Another week down

Well, it seems I have again been neglecting my blog. Possibly due to the fact that my life is not that interesting really.

So what have I done in the last week? Nothing of significance springs to mind really. Although I did seem to have a rather social week actually.

Oh, we visited friend's new baby girl, Elara Kate last Tuesday. Beautiful and very quiet (she was asleep even with Jaidyn hoo-haa-ing around their lounge-room). 9lb 10oz, ouch. But made us really clucky and wanting out baby to come out NOW! Lol... only another 3.5 months to wait huh.

Had a nice long coffee with my close friend Michelle this week too. We see eachother everyweek at church and cell group but not so often by ourselves, so it was a great time to catch-up.

Had my beautiful friend Clare over this morning for a coffee. She is 35 weeks pregnant, and oh-so-beautiful. I just love her baby belly, although my 25 week belly doesn't look a great deal smaller... lol... yikes... she is on maternity leave not so we've vowed to see eachother more often in the next 5 weeks. Even go baby shopping - she only lives 5 mins away!

I had my Jewellery party on Friday night. Most of my friends cancelled or couldn't come (seems the usual with me) but I still had a few ladies from church come along, and I managed to score a free necklace with the sales percentage from the night. I just love jewellery. Kept thinking how much I would love to do jewellery parties, but was a little turned off seeing how long it took the lady to set up and pack up - 1.5 hours to set up and about an hour to pack up - no thanks! Still absolutley beautiful stuff though. My poor back and baby belly couldn't an hour and a half of walking around a couple of tables and bending over though like I did a couple of months ago.

I've been spending some time working out my class timetable for workshops this week. While I haven't really had any bookings yet, I guess I still like to play around and plan classes, and just hope someone takes a bite. This time I've printed out lots of flyers with lots of info that I'm planning on dropping in local letterboxes. Fingers crossed for some interest please ok!

Oh, I'm also thinking of going back to study while I'm home with a new bub. Seeing as though I won't be able to work at all, probably for at least 6-12 months, it seems a good time to start on a Masters..? Only external and perhaps part-time though, but I have to look into the options a bit now.

Well, that's my boring week. Don't have a huge lot planned this week. My baby sister (shanyn, 17) is heading off on her exchange to Holland for a year on Thursday. I'll miss her heaps and she won't see her new nephew or neice for 6 months! But its going to be such a great opportunity for her.

Take care all, nat xx

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Ruth clarke said...

Pregnancy and pregie bellies, I loved having a pregie belly, they are the most beautiful thing in all the world.
Hope you get some clients soon, I'm sure you will once the word gets out, otherwise maybe do some online classes, they seem to be a goer. Not that I've done any yet or know anything about them.
Hopefully we'll get to see your pregie belly before you pop this dear one!
ruthy x