Friday, February 17, 2006

Bye Bye little sis...

Well, my little sister has gone, and I won't see her for 12 months! I don't think it's quite sunk in how long that is! She's off gallavanting to Holland (and various other holiday destinations) on an exchange. We all went to the airport to see her off yesterday. No tears though, funny that. I think maybe the fact that you can't see them down the plane chute in the International Terminal, but just down an escalator to customs instead. Anyway, she's going to have the time of her life! So now it will make me the oldest daughter and the only one not to travel yet... bummer... but I guess I chose family over that for now hey.

One of the sad things about Shanny heading off for a year is that she won't even see my new baby until he/she is 6 months old. She was always around with Jaidyn (she was only 12 when he was born!) and it will just be different this time. But I'll send her lots of photos and Mum and Dad are probably buying a camcorder soon so I can send her videos too.

Gonna miss her so much! Shanny, if you read this at all (I don't you do though), have a brilliant brilliant time. Hope the plane-trip wasn't too long for you! I love you lots and lots and will miss you even more!

Nat xx


Deb said...

Wow!! Lucky sis!!

But you have an adventure all of your own coming up... wow! Your baby bump photos are just gorgeous!!!!

Ruth clarke said...

We all do these things in different orders I say, I'd have a baby though over a trip any day!
How lovely to have a sister, I'm sure she'll make up for it when she gets home!
Ruthy x

kathie said...

How exciting for your sister! Don't worry. She'll miss you all terribly too. I know, I've been there. I went on an exchange when I was 17. But she'll have lots of fun and wonderful experiences too!

And, Nat, I went overseas so many times, to re-visit my host family and friends. And I got to 39 and thought I'd never have a baby. And you know what I'd choose? If I had to? I'd choose Jamie anyday.

Don't worry. One day. You'll get there if it's a priority. And you'll have your children there to share it with you! In my experience, foreign country is always 10x better when you can share it with your family.