Thursday, February 02, 2006

Would you look at that belly!!

Well, we took those photos I promised today. And this is my new fave maternity top. It's pink and it hides part of my fat arms, lol. My awesome Mum picked it up for me on special (she's bought me more tops than I have).

24 weeks pregnant

I also just wanted to say a special hello to Shari. I'm thinking of you mate, and I know that giving up your 'baby' (ASC) will have been a hard thing to do. I hope it all works out for the best and that it was the right thing for you and your family. Thankyou for being the one who gave me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful friends and so many inspirational scrappers. You hold a special place in my heart, and I am praying for you and the family each and every time.


Nic Wood said...

You are looking beautiful Nat, they are such gorgeous belly shots. I suffered bad heartburn with all my pregnancies, the only thing that helped a bit was living on mylanta tablets (the ones that look like a pack of lifesavers) and sleeping propped up on lots of pillows helps a bit to. It does dissapear as soon as you have the baby (not much comfort for right now though hey!)
Nic xxx

Susan (smiles1965) from said...

Great photos and a very nice pink top too. I regret not taking more photos of my pregnant belly back in 1999/2000. Now I am into scrapping I really wish I had more pregnany photos.

I hope your son is enjoying school. Have a great week end.

Erica Glover said...

Holy bejesus Nat - what the hell did you swallow!!!!

That is the BIGGEST 24 week belly i have EVER seen - OMG I am stunned!!! Why is noone else shocked?? Whats going on here??? lol

I still have no belly whatsoever, not even the tiniest teeniest little bump - RIPPED OFF!!
E xx

Shari said...

WOW Natti - look how beautiful you are!!!! You and your baby belly are radiant and just glowing!!!!

Thanks so much gorgeous, for your beautiful and kind words too - very much appreciated! Shari xxx

kathie said...

Wow! Look at you! You are the cutest mummy-to-be :)
Love the top too.

Nat-Mardon said...

LOL Eck.... its going to be bloody huge baby alright (plus some of that is my own fat too, lol). I still love it though!!

Hoping yours would hurry up and become a bump!


Tam said...

loving your gorgeous bump, precious! you're going to love those pics down the track! hope bubs isn't giving you heartburn hell today...

Diana said...

Nat you are looking great and love that colour on you. You look like you have grown heaps just since we saw you - was that about 2 weeks ago?


Philippa said...

You look gorgeous :)

And for what it's worth, I was huge with my first bub and he popped out at only 7lb2oz.

This afternoon we pulled out all of our video footage from when the kids were born, it was so nice to watch :)

Rach Axton said...

Wow you look gorgeous and that colour and top are soooo cute on you!! Keep us updated..

Rach xx

Nat-Mardon said...

That's a comforting thought thanks Phillippa! We have friends who had a baby on Thursday morning and she came out 9lb 10oz! ouch! no thanks!


lee woodside said...

Oh Nat how cute do you look! oh I loved being pregnant.