Wednesday, February 01, 2006


Oh gosh, it's been over a week since I blogged. Bad me.

So what's been going on in my life this last week? Hmmm....

Most exciting news to report is that Greg felt the baby kick last night!! I've been getting him to put his hand over my bely for days now, just to see if he can, and last night he felt it! It was so exciting! Bubby moves around heaps, so I'm sure it will be a recurring and common thing now for my boys to be able to feel the joys of our baby moving inside.

My belly is growing HUGE!! I'm going to get Greg to take some photos tomorrow when he's home in the morning as it will be a month since we last took pictures, and I'm 24 weeks this Friday. I think this baby is going to be a BIG one!! I'm only 6 months now, and already its rather big!! Ouch to having a baby over 8 lbs...

We've had a VERY lazy few days. Greg got 5 days off this week. Starting Australia Day, we did a few odd jobs taht day and had friends over for a BBQ that night. Since then though, I really don't know what we did! It certainly wasn't the jobs we had marked down to do - oops... I think much of it was spent watching the Family series of The Amazing Race... and we spend all day Monday watching half of the second season of LOST... ooh, sooo goooood..... now I just have to wait again to get some more off Greg's brother as he gets them from USA.... I loooove LOST.

I've been getting a fair bit of heartburn/reflux lately. A few friends have told me some foods to avoid - onions, spicy stuff etc.... but if you have anything to add to that, please do. Also, if anyone has suffered from this during pregnancy, what have you taken for it? It gets sooooo uncomfortable! Ouch!

Well, I better get upstairs and keep cleaning. For some strange reason, I have actually started clearing out the spare/junk room and I want to make it a baby's room asap.... nesting period isn't meant until then end of pregnancy is it?

Nat xx


Tam said...

hey chicken. can't wait to see more belly shots.

and just to let you know, it's safe to take mylanta during pregnancy - and it works a treat. i get heaps of heartburn and couldn't live without my mylanta!!

kathie said...

I felt so huge at 24 weeks too, Nat. Can't wait to see some photos. LOL at the nesting - I never felt the need to nest - how bad is that? I am the world's laziest house cleaner.

Ruthy said...

Can;t wait to see an update of photos. I think pregnant women are the most beautifulist (that's a word isn't it) in the world. They have a glow about them. (except if your face is covered in pigmentation like mine was last time and is still there abit)
Nesting is good. do it now before you get bigger and more tired. But then I don't like leaving things like that to the last minute. Plus it's exciting, and you can take more photos etc you know..... scrap them...Yea.

Nat-Mardon said...

Kathie, you are so wrong... I am DEFINITELY teh LAZIEST hose-keeper! lol