Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Life Makeover Challenges

I've decided to join in with Zina Wright and a whole heap of Scrapboxx girls (like 70 I think!) in the 'Life Makeover Challenges' that Zina is hosting on the Boxx website. Zina is leading us through a book about changing your life for the better, and we have a different challenge each week, focussing on ourselves, our strong points and where we want to improve our lives over the next year. I'm going to keep a journal at home, with extra bits and bobs in it, as well as the weekly challenges, plus I'm keeping up with the Boxx by posting my responses on the website, but I thought I might also keep a record of what I'm doing and thinking in my blog too. I'm trying to convince Greg to join in with me too, as he could really use some cheering up and focussing on things in his life now too, so I might just put some of his responses here too if he lets me, and we can work through it together, as well as myself with the Boxx girls.

Challenge week one was to think good thoughts about ourselves and to reflect on our accomplishments over the last 12 months, then come up with 25! Here's mine:

25 Achievements in the last 12 months.

1. Finished my teaching degree. I started this when Jaidyn was only 2 months old and feel very proud that I accomplished it while being a single mum (and some of while being married too).
2. Achieved my first 7 in my university degree. It was a goal of mine to achieve a 7 before I finished my degree and I did!
3. Made it through my first ever important job interviews – and did a good job I think.
4. Started my own business. I overcame some ‘shyness’ boundaries and did something for me. Have met some great new people in this, and while still a long way until it is successful, I am working hard at it.
5. Got through my first year of marriage. People say the first year can be the hardest, and we are more in love today than we were 2 years ago, so I think that makes it a success.
6. Began to ‘let-go’ of my baby boy. He was off to preschool last year and school this year, and this is always hard for a Mum!
7. Changed churches and became planted in the one we now call home.
8. Made some wonderful relationships with new people from church, old and young.
9. Lost 6kgs (but then put it back on – but still an achievement!)
10. Fell pregnant with my second child and my husband’s first!
11. Told Mum and Dad that we were pregnant – gosh, that was hard, even when married and 23, rather than 17 and just out of school like with Jaidyn!
12. Supported Greg through a new career with long and sometimes hard-to-socialise hours.
13. Grown in my relationship with God.
14. Learnt to trust more things to God. I can’t do everything in my own strength and have been able to give more things over to Him.
15. Started Scrapbooking again. Only baby steps yet, but I’m trying to get back into the swing of it again, after a long dry spell.
16. Taught classes in two local Scrapbooking store. I loved doing this!
17. Have persevered in organising classes from my own home, even if I have not had many takers yet! Perseverence, perseverance.
18. Have begun to use my own handwriting in my Scrapbooking, and spent more time writing heart-felt journaling at that.
19. Started to organise my time a little better.
20. Started to become a better housewife and take pride in my surroundings.
21. Started to work my house to routines which work a lot better.
22. Read lots of books about improving my life – mainly spiritually.
23. Learned to control my anger and temper tantrums better.
24. Learnt to listen to Greg’s concerns more, rather than jumping to my own conclusions.
25. Spent more time with Greg and Jaidyn and my family.

I think I migt revise them a little when I do it with DH, but until then, there it is.
Anyone else want to join in who isn't on the Boxx? Ultimately it will be best to join up and read the excerpts from the book too, so you can get a feel for the whole challenge and content... but feel free just to do these challenges even if you can't join up.

I'll post here every week (will give me something to post about at least!)


kathie said...

Loved reading through your 25 things, Nat. Congrats on each and every one of them. Esp. the one about scrapping again :)

Ruth clarke said...

Well my girl, you've covered alot of ground in that time and should be very proud of yourself! I will have to check this idea up on the boxx! TFS- Ruthy

Tam said...

i'm trying to keep up with them too, nat. not posting on the boxx, but love the whole idea.

good for you for sharing it with the world. i'm so impressed with your achievements - you're an amazing woman!