Thursday, July 06, 2006

I'm back

I have missed my poor pc so much. You may not have noticed, but I haven't been around for a week. My poor computer had something wrong with it.... I don't know what, I don't know how to check or what to look for, so it sat there unloved for a week until Greg had a chance to look at it... and now it *seems* to be working again, yay!

So lots to catch up on! (So typical that when I can't blog I seem to have so much to blog about!)

Greg is now a store manager of Aldi. He has totally worked his butt off the last 2 weeks setting up and opening his store at Toombul in Brisbane (if you're in there have a look or say hello to my handsome man!). Poor thing did about 100 hours between breaks.... wow, 100 hours!!! That was over about 8-10 days I think. I tell you he was soooo buggered his last two days of work I didn't know if he'd make it! I'm being a wonderful wife and have booked him in for a surprise massage on Saturday afternoon - he so needs it and so deserves it!

Mum is doing really well. Its such a blessing to see her improving so much. She's still in hospital while they continue to clean and heal her stomach wound but she looks so well, she has no tubes, her mental state is pretty good too, and well its just good to have 'Mum' back again...
And, she has FINALLY met Eli! It was such a special occasion. She hasn't held him yet, but we will go see her today, so hopefully she will be able to today. I took some pics of their first meeting, five and a half weeks after he entered the world (not good pics, but they document a special time).

My baby boy is now 6 weeks old! Goodness me, I can't believe it! You'd think I'd be able to get a nice photo though huh. No such luck - newborns are such a pain to photograph! This is his favourite *pose*: (well blogger doesn't want to let me upload any more pics for now, so I'll have to try again later.... ggrrrrr...)

Having the pc AWOL actually gave me time to scrap and not just procrastinate and waste time at the pc like I normally do.... have found some girls from church to scrap with now so that's awesome. As usual though, I haven't done the journalling on my LOs yet, so can't share them - really must get a new good black pen and do that!! (or maybe I'll use the computer instead)...

Well, better get going upstairs and spend some time with hubby while he's home this morning - and there's groceries to do and housework, darn it... will update some more later when I have time to think and when blogger will let me put pics up :)

N xx


lusi said...

I missed you while you were offline! Hey great chatting again last night and thanks for the message this morning- you gave me a lovely cheery start to the day!
I looooove those photos of your mum and Eli - he is so cute and glad to hear your mum is getting better too.
Enjoy the rest of the morning with Greg and the kids!
Lus x

Tam said...

yay for all your good news, nat! can't wait to see some new pics of eli - and of your scrapping! your mum is looking great (and she's beautiful! just like you xxx)

Shazz said...

so glad your mum finally got to meet eli, nat. i bet it brightened her day to no end.
hopefully it won't be too much longer before she is home and can REALLY spoil him rotten
have a great weekend