Monday, January 22, 2007

8 months old...

My darling Eli,

Well, somehow 8 months has come and gone. 8 months! Before too long we'll be celebrating your first birthday. You really are growing up just a little too quickly for my liking. Poor daddy somehow still thought you were 6 months old (silly Daddy!)... Mummy has been a bit naughty and didn't get around to writing you a letter at 7 months, so boy do I have a LOT to catch up on now. It's phenominal how much you have learnt in the last 2 months!

You have mastered crawling. This took a little while as you experimented with different ways to get around. For about a month it was a 'caterpillar' crawl where you would shoot your arms out in front of you, then get up on your haunches, then down again and then shoot your arms out again - well thats not a really great way of explaining it, but you looked like a caterpillar. You had not quite got the hang of moving your hands alternately yet. But you finally got the hang of it and then nothing could really stop you! Every now and then, you also crawl on your toes instead of your knees, or your own rendition of it with one knee and one foot!

Then came sitting up. You mastered this after crawling. I knew you'd get it soon. First you were a little wobbly, and leaned way forward, but slowmy your back strengthened and straightened.

After that it was only a week or so of crawling before you discovered you could also pull yourself up on all the furniture... and this is really where all the injuries start with a baby I think! Now every morning I am greeted with big smiles peering out from between the bars or over the top of the cot... you stand in the corner and wait for someone to walk past trying to sneak into the toilet (that's me!) and then you make lots of noise just in case we didn't see you there!! Then of course smiles all round! (and usually a nice smelly nappy to boot too, hehe) It was funny there for a while when you'd worked out how to get up, but not how to get down, and you'd stand up against something (most often the coffee table) and whinge until I helped you down. But you have not got the hang of it, and crawl, pull yourself up and get down on furniture all over the house!

You experienced your first Christmas at 7 months old. As most babies do, I think you enjoyed the wrapping and boxes more than your presents. We opened our family presents at home before going to church, but you only made it through a couple before you just *had* to go back to bed - you could hardly keep your little eyes open darling! So of course we opened the rest for you. You enjoyed present-opening time at Nana's though, where we went to celebrate with lunch. And of course you got spoilt rotten. Lots of new toys, and you especially love the ones that make noises or songs...
Christmas time was extra special because you met your Aunty Shanny for the first time too, as she finally came home from her trip to Holland. It was so great to have her back and she is so smitten with you.

My, there is so much to mention. You have just learnt soooo much lately. So what else?

You have started having sandwiches and other finger food. Sandwiches at lunchtime are a huge hit and its great to see you feeding yourself and making a huge mess! Nutella sandwiches are particularly messy - like in this photo. It was so funny to see, you had it everywhere!!

In the last week you have learnt to clap your hands and you are so chuffed with yourself. We were practising for a little while there, with Mummy holding your hands for you, but you have now got the hang of it yourself and love clapping now! You also get a huge kick out of the fuss we make when you do - its still quite a novelty.

You are starting to talk more and more, and I think we can almost say you are saying 'Dada' now. While its more in a long string of "dadadadadada", it is clearly 'da'... and of course Dad thinks its great!! No sign of 'mum-mum' yet though, :( You also seem to be trying to engage in conversation - if only you knew the words hey? You look at us and say 'eh?' like you're asking a question. Sometimes its to get our attention, sometimes after we ask you something.

You have sprouted your first tooth this week! I almost didn't notice it there. The second one is just there under the gum too, so won't be long. You have been a little cranky, grizzly and today even a little sick (cold-y, extra tired, extra cranky), which I think must be from the teething. For comfort, you stick your finger (sometimes your thumb) into the side of your mouth and chew on it.

You and Jai still love playing together. He blows raspberries on your tummy, or plays peek-a-boo, or shows you how to build something. You love climbing all over him (in fact everyone!) and you love pulling hair or noses or mouths - ouch!

Little tantrums are starting to make their way into your personality. And its usually if someone takes something off you that you shouldn't have (which you know!). You will chuck a little screamy tanty. Not quite the throwing youself on the floor just yet, but who knows if that will come - hopefully not!

Getting into things you know you shouldn't is one of your favourite games. You squeeze through the gap between the lounges (sometimes you have a scream if you can't fit!) and go for the power cords near Mummy's laptop; you seem to always get yourself caught in and underneath the dining chairs; you love the tower of the pc; you love to pull out the board games in the bottom of the bookshelf; you love to play in the curtains; you love playing under the coffee table or under your cot; and also the dirt in the potplant is great fun for you - sometimes you eat it, sometimes you just like to play with it in your hand and put it all over the floor. But you are learning the word 'No'. Gee, we have to use it enough. Doesn't stop you though. I can just tell you know what it means, but you ingore it and push your luck just that little further. Sometimes if we yell it a little loud you get a bit scared and have a little cry. Then of course we have to pick you up for a cuddle coz you're too cute.

Bathtime is one of your favourite times of day. And its so much easier now you're in the big bath. You love to splash around! You do this thing where you look like you're swimming or something, with your arms and legs flailing around. You are so intent on what you're doing, and we can't help but laugh! Then you chase your little floating toys around the bath, and shove them in your mouth! You still seem to think you can crawl in the bath, and dunk yourself or bang your head or something quite often. Daddy even has one particular one on his phone (he should have been watching you not taking a video huh!) Jaidyn often hops in the bath with you, but he doesn't get much room, poor thing!

I'm sure there are more things I've forgotten too. You are just growing so fast right now. But I better get this finished before you are 9 months old my darling! We love you more and more each day. xxx

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Nic Wood said...

Beautiful letter Nat. Eli sounds like he is a bit of a character LOL

Nic xxx