Friday, January 26, 2007

Last week of the holidays

And well its really seemed like holidays to us around here, as Greg has had a week off too. So things have been super lazy around here! They always are when Greg is home, even on weekends.... the washing is even mounting up, oops!

Anyway, what have we done. Not a great deal as we're trying to save for a holiday to NZ in a couple of months, so we haven't much to spend...

We went to the movies to see 'Night at the Museum' last week. Spent most of our holiday budget there, with movie tickets for 3, then lunch at maccas and oops, Greg and I had coffee too.. lol. But was a great day together. We don't get a lot of days out together so I really do treasure them. And don't mind spending the money when we do get to go out together. It was a really enjoyable movie too!

We went for an afternoon swim and then a yummy dinner at Mum and Dad's on Tuesday. I don't have ANYTHING to swim in though so I always miss out... but the water was *too warm*, like a bath, a bit yuck. The dinner is always good though!

Jaidyn has had a couple of days at vacation care this week too. He's a great kid, but soooo full on and *loud* and we need our quiet time too!

I actually got a few shifts at the childcare centre again (did relief there when pregnant with Eli) so that was good. Greg babysat Elijah while I was there, bit of a funny role reversal - I cracked jokes about being a Stay-At-Home-Dad with him and all the things I need to get done in my day... of course I came home to a mess though!! Men!!

Yesterday Greg was given a day to himself as I trecked into the city with Sal and her kids (minus Alec)... was a great day out! The kids loved it all, there's really so much to see and do... and as kids do, they took so long really to get around everything so we'll have to go again to finish it off! Jai and Sal's kids (even 4yo Mitch) get on so well, so its a pleasure to take them together - no fighting or anything... and we'll definitely have to do it more often!

Also finally gave Sal the gift that the SOF girls put together for her and baby Cowper. She was so stoked! Here is a pic of the gift basket. Sal is such a wonderful friend, such an awesome woman of God and encourager and I feel so blessed that we could 'spoil' her a little. Enjoy it babe!

Oh, and this is the 'baby bouquet' and card I made for my friend's baby shower last Saturday. Thanks to Carol for running me through it step-by-step and to Ali Russell for some floristry tips too :) I'm pretty chuffed with how it turned out, but it was tedious work really, not quite sure if I want to venture into business there anymore, ha!

Last night Greg and I went to the Third Day concert! Rocked!! I was really tired from my huge day though, and was starting to flake early, lol. But they are sooo good live, and it was just so awesome to see so many people worshipping God together! Nothing like it! Makes me cry with happiness sometimes :)

This morning Greg went off for his first surfing expedition with a friend from church. So the kids and I drove up in the morning and met Greg up there. It was sooooo yucky yucky hot though! We went to the beach and decided to only have a quick dip as it was the middle of the day. We went to Currimundi Beach where there's a great inlet/river thing. So it was nice and shallow in parts, great for Eli to just sit around, and he even attempted crawling around in it a bit, but got a few mouthfuls of water too. I didn't get many 'decent' pics unfortunately - I thought there might have been some good ones but doesn't seem it :( Here are the only good ones, lol.

And I've *just* spoken to my friend Jayde from church, who informed me that her man finally popped the question yesterday - we've been anticipating it for a couple of months, wondering when he would!! So congratulations to Jayde and James!! They are looking at having a June wedding (ype, in 5 months time - plenty of time, lol!) so I'll be heavily pregnant - hopefully its earlier on in June and this baby doesn't come *too* early!! I'll have to get something cute to wear... not sure if my other good dress will stretch quite to 38 weeks!

5 things I'm thankful for today:
1. Cooler weather today - thank God, its been SO HOT here lately...
2. Spending time together as a family this week
3. Coffee
4. Good friends
5. Air-conditioning in my bedroom

Grrr, stupid blogger won't let me upload photos... again... how annoying!!


Chrissy said...

Sounds like you are having some fabulous times this holiday sweetie, that's so wonderful!! So glad Sal liked her gifts too, have seen the piccies on her blog and you did a fantastic job love. Thankyou so much for organising things and making it all look oh so pretty! You're a darling!

Love Chrissy xx

Karen L said...

Sounds like you have had an awesome week Nat - Nice to have a break and get out and do stuff. Sarah and Colin really loved the "Third Day" concert too. Thank you also for the awesome job you did in putting Sal's gift together - you have been a blessing to all of us and I want you to know how much I appreciate you thoughtfulness and kindness Nat.

Hayley said...

hey Nat, i've sent you an invite to my new blog but i may have sent it to the wrong addy. Could you email me ( so i can invite you along!


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

I can not believe Eli is already 8 months old!

I loved seeing the recent cute photos you showed here. He is so adorable. I'd love to see more photos of Jaiyden too.

Hope your keeping well and life is running smoothly for you.