Friday, January 05, 2007

He's learning so much

Well, after reading Kathie's blog mainly, I realise that I really do not record enough of what's happening in the growings of my baby.

And well this month has been HUGE so far and really its only half-over (he's almost 7.5 months old). So I though I should put a few little updates here.

Well he finally started crawling 'properly' a couple of weeks ago now (so that will make the 7 month letter when I actually finish writing it - its half-done..). But boy, what a difference a crawling baby makes to the household. Gee, I have to be on my toes all the time huh. Thankfully there is nothing dangerous or really bad that he can get into, but being the inquisitive baby (and boy!) that he is, he gets into anything that doesn't look like his toys. And I'm suress he knows he shouldn't be touching it, in fact, yep I'm convinced he knows! And I guess that makes it all the more fun for him.

His favourite places to go are:
The computer - with the tower on the floor he loves to go straight for the big power button and the cords hanging out the side... hmmm, might have to do something about that...
My bedroom - if the door is open he likes to explore there, and as Greg doesn't really keep the floor on his side of bed clean, who knows what he'll find there!
When the Christmas tree was up - on a coffee table - he liked to get in under it and find the power cords for the lights. Oh, you would move him back to the mat with his toys and he'd get straight back under that table!

To anything - plates, cups, remotes etc that get left on the floor! He especially likes remotes and it seems we have like 100!
His rocker - he likees to crawl all over it, get legs and arms stuck in the handles straps, get under it (and stuck there!)
Oh, and the board games on the bottom shelf of the bookcase - he particularly likes to pull out Cranium and Guess Who (the smaller boxes) and crawl all over Guess Who.
Oh - and this i edited to add that I forgot the indoor plant! Oh my, little terror - today he got into it twice and ATE the dirt! Eek... as Greg said when I told him, I don't think we can have a plant indoors anymore!!

Its so funny really, the places he goes. I think I will have to get some more pics and have to do a layout on this actually!!

This week he has also mastered sitting up. Back is almost straight now, not quite, but he can sit without using his hands on the floor for support now. And its so cute.

ALSO, he's started pulling himself up on some of the furniture... Oh dear!! Already!! And as we have wood floors, this is more toruble than good, as he falls over much of the time. Have to be right there with him when he's exploring in this manner. He now likes the teachest/toybox the best - best height for him I suppose. He pull himself up no problems, but then I think he realises he can't get down so he whinges there (or he falls). He's fine when there's someone right there with him though. He has also tried the couch but its that little big higher, and he hasn't quite got it yet.

When we were at my Mum's on New Years Day, he discovered their stairs (that go up from the living area) and decided he wanted to climb them! Well of course Dad got his new camcorder out and we have it on video. He got up 4 stairs! He's only 7 months old!! Growing up far too quickly this one! And no fear really. Yikes.....

His favourite toys right now seem to be his tower of rings that come off and on. He likes to chew the top of the pole, lol. And the rings seem to always get stuck under the couch... gggrrr... and he also loves a couple of toys that make sounds. A caterpillar that has buttons you press with numbers, shapes, letters etc and say the name of each. Jaidyn likes that a little more than Eli though I think... and a set of keys with a few sound buttons too. The keys are detached right now and the sound part seems to be in his bed. We often hear it when he wakes up and is playing by himseslf in there. The other night, when he was asleep, Greg went past to the bathroom and heard the lady's voice say 'car'... he said it gave him a bit of a fright and didn't quite know who was in there with him! Lol, he rolls onto in his sleep sometimes I guess... but I do try to move them all out of the way.

He is getting a very cheeky boy indeed. I tell you, ther personality really shines from about 6 months old! He smiles like all the time - unless he's whinging, which he's also developed well - and its this cute big cheesy grin too. In fact, even when he's grizzly its cute coz his little mouth stretches to a long line almost and his little cheeks chub up - so cute!!

Oh well, now that I'm started I could go on forever with my boy! Oops. But I'll stop now. I really must take some new pics though!


Hayley said...

That's such a cute photo! I can't wait to have to worry about moving things away from a toddler. Now i just move things out of the way of Adam! lol

Jasmine said...

Hehehehehe - I forgot how "fun" it is to have crawling/exploring baby in the house. That photo of Eli is soooo cute. Why do they always enjoy playing with EVERYTHING but their toys LOL! Power cords were always a huge hit with my two as well ;p

Tara said...

Oh I remember those days. I was excited that ds started to crawl, and relieved that we had sunken lounge rooms so he'd be stuck in one spot for a bit longer.

ha ha to me... he managed to get up them the same day pretty much

and started pulling up almost immediately too.

So much for a little peace and quiet.

Love him to pieces though.

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Hi there Nat

I've been very busy over the last few weeks and not had much spare time for my usual blog rounds. I've been missing out on heaps of your news by the looks of things and can't wait to be up to date again.

Just wanted to pop in and quickly say Happy New Year!!! I hope 2007 will be full of fun, laughter, happiness, good health and success for you.

Take care and enjoy the week end xxoo

PS: I can't believe Eli is so big already, where did time go? :)

Nic Wood said...

Eli looks so cute in that pic Nat. Thanks for the updtae, its lovely to hear what your little man is up to. LOL about the reamotes..what is it about them that attracts babies!??!

Nic xxx