Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Well, its back to school. Must say its good to have a few hours of peace and quiet around here again.

Well there is SOME peace and quiet. Eli is teething a bit lately, driving me a bit bonkers. I don't have the energy for a whingy baby.

Heat is taking every ounce of energy I might have out of me. Been a real struggle to even do my housework this week. Much prefer to hide in my bedroom that has air-con.

Having my 18 week ultrasound on the 8th Feb. Surprised they got me in though, but a blessing none-the-less. Means don't have to fork out for a private consultation. Looking forward to seeing my baby :)

Am hoping its still alive in there actually. I haven't felt it move yet. I'm 18.5 weeks and I had definitely felt it by now with the last one, so praying that its just a bit lazy in this heat too maybe.

In the progress of planning a holiday. Have decided to postpone New Zealand for just Greg and I for our 5 yr anniversary (2.5 years time - enough to save?)... not disclosing where we are thinking of going yet, till its a bit further down the pipeworks.

Well, better go make Jaidyn a toasted sandwich. Can't be bothered to cook tonight.

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Karen L said...

It has been stinking Hot Nat - terrivle up here as well. Don't know how we would survive with out air-con now. Pleased you got an appointment for your scan too and praying that everything goes well for you.