Wednesday, January 03, 2007


Have woken this morning to beautiful, glorious rain. Its just gorgeous. I'm sitting out on the balcony, just watching the rain and web-surfing on the laptop - how relaxing!

I didn't have much planned for today, so I think I'll have a look through the scrapping supplies and see what I can come up with. I'm in need of some new papers, so I'm not sure I have much that matches - or even any photos really, but its the right weather for it huh!

Shall sit Jaidyn down with some craft, a DVD or his computer game and should be able to create something today! Have ideas about the New Year swimming around in my head, so might be a good place to start and I think I have the paper for it too.

Had a nice lazy day yesterday - so lazy the washing didn't make it to the line, again, oops.

Chatted to my two lovely girls Lusi and Sal. Unfortunately my chat with Lus was just not long enough, but I just called her to thank her for the beuaitful gift she sent me, just coz she loves me - a Joyce Meyer book and tucked inside my Elsie autograph... maybe I can plan a way to scrap that too huh. Talked to Sal for 2 hours - I think that's a record, gee Sal, do you ever shut up? lol We had lots to talk about though and I love talking God stuff with Sal, she's so zealous about it all!

So, not much to report really. I have a half-finished letter to Elijah for his 7th month which I should really finish too.

Hope you all have a nice day!

5 things I'm thankful for today (gee I haven't done this in a while):

1. Beautiful rain!
2. That I have made so many wonderful friends through blogland and SOF
3. That I will be doing a class again soon for SOF, and I look forward to creating again.
4. That Jesus is my best friend and only a conversation away (or a thought!)
5. Scrapping day!


lusi said...

Loved talking to you too! Sorry I had to jet :) Will finish our convo soon!
Lots of love :)
And yep Praise God for the rain hey!
Lus x

Ali said...

Glad you had a good day! and I will give you my number if you are ever short for someone to chat to...although I might be a little like sal...I do talking very well!!!

So glad to be working with you on the DT chooky...I think you are simply amazing and so precious!!
Love ya
Ali x x