Monday, June 11, 2007

I *heart* Love

We went to the most beautiful wedding on Saturday! I know I say that about most weddings I go to, but this one was particularly beautiful! It was a gorgeous casual ceremony on the dunes behind Noosa Heads, all the guests stood, very minimal decorations, but absolutely stunning!! If I could have my wedding again, I'd definitely get married outdoors! It was truly gorgeous! A bit cold with the blowy weather we've had around Brisbane the last few days, but simply gorgeous!
One of the really special things about James and Jayde's wedding was that God was the centre of it. I have not been to one where their faith was so significant, and it was just how God would have marriage and a wedding. Makes me cry (such a soppy thing I am)! Here are some pics:
The stunning bride, Jayde:
Some of the bridal party (not a great shot, but the best Greg got):

Jayde and James sharing their vows:
The kiss:
Happy snap while signing register:
Man and wife: this one is a fave as when Pastor Craig pronounced them man and wife, James lifted up their arms above their heads in joy!

Walking back down the aisle (my fave of all of them):

Cutting the cake at the reception:

One of Greg and I (a bit blowy on the beach!):

Me @ 37 weeks pregnant (not so good, shall get some more today hopefully!):

We drove home at about 10pm, and then crawled into bed. Sooo tired!! And then Sunday, after not much sleep, I got up early to prepare my worship set - lol - talk about disorganised huh! But it went well, I got to actually do a 'non-kids' service so picked some of my fave songs. We only used CDs as we are VERY LOW on musicians, in fact, not sure we even have ONE at the moment! Eek.. so while I don't sing so well compared to Darlene Zschech (Hillsong), the atmosphere was there! I still have reservations about my 'ability' to worship lead, but we need all the leaders we can right now, so I do it. I don't really think its a 'gift' that God has given me, despite how much I desparately want it to be! But I guess if I'm serving God, then it can't be too bad hey? (If only I could sing like my Lusi, who has the most AMAZING voice! Love you darl xx)

The boys had a sleep-over at my parents house. First time Eli has actually HAD a sleepover, which quite surprised me actually as I didn't realise he hasn't actually slept over anywhere before! lol. Mum said they were good, Eli didn't miss us (:() but I think she had her work cut out for her with him - he gets into everything! lol... and he doesn't stop! Greg was all missing Eli on our drive home (big soppy thing he is huh) and wanted to go pick him up at 11pm! Don't think Mum would have been too happy, lol. I'm sure both of them (Greg and Eli) will miss eachother terribly when he goes back to work tomorrow - 3 1/2 months together every day is a long time!

Today we don't really have anything planned as such. Last day before Greg starts his new job, and public holiday so we're all home. We may go to the park for lunch or something else I think.

Well, hope you have a great day. Might get that husband of mine out of bed! (He'd sleep all day if I let him ;))


Jasmine said...

Sounds like it was a beautiful wedding Nat. The bride looks gorgeous!

Wow - not long to go now until you welcome your newest bundle of joy! You're looking beautiful :) I'm sure Jai is getting excited to meet his new little sibling. Eli's probably still young enough that he'll just take it all in his stride, in a couple of months he probably won't even remember not having a new little baby around.

So happy for you guys that God has provided with Greg's job :) I bet you're hanging to get back into a somewhat "normal" routine again.

Anonymous said...

So glad you enjoyed yourselves. Lovely photos and sounds like a wonderful wedding service.

Wishing Greg all the best starting his new job. I hope all the staff there are very friendly and helpfull.

Take care and have a fun and safe week. From Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Karen L said...

Gorgeous wedding Nat and your friend looks stunning. Funny isn't it how even though your know your kids are in great hands, - you still miss them when you are having a night away from them. Not long to go now until your bundle of joy arrives.

Chrissy said...

Heya beautiful Natti!!! Don't you look just so beautiful. :-) What a gorgeous bride your friend makes too, so stunning and even lovlier that that their wedding was full of joy, love and faith.

Lots of happy wishes to your hubby for his first day at the new job too.

Love and hugs!
Chrissy xx

Evana said...

ARE YOU KIDDING.....THAT PIC IS ADORABLE! wow....37 weeks already???....where did that go huh! Take care and rug tum for me.