Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Its really freakin cold today!! The house is remaining shut up, and I think I'll even put the clothes in the dryer coz I don't want to venture out to the clothes line... bbbrrrrr......... can't keep my babe warm enough though - his hands are lie little icicles today.... actually so are mine. Think I'll go curl up in my warm bed and have a nap soon!

I was hoping to share my curtains and laundry hamper that I've been busy working on the last week, but for some reason blogger doesn't seem to want to let me upload any pics today... typical... I'll try again later...

OK, so curtains & hamper made - check
Baby bag packed - check
My bag packed - check - well its out with a few things in it (the rest I need day to day!)
Cot - not quite check yet - have won an ebay auction, just need to pick it up this weekend!
Nappy supply - check
Baby clothes washed - check
Birth plan - check
Mentally ready - think so! check

So we're pretty much ready!! Just need to pick up this cot over the coming weekend hopefully and then Bob's your uncle, this baby can well and truly come! In fact, it can come sooner if it really wants - we have a portacot and a rocker that will suffice for a few nights!!

Am getting OVER it! Today the aches were back this morning (those ones that remind me what it was like to have a period!) but they've eased off again. Braxton Hicks haven't been too bad... sore tummy muscles I'm totally over (can't sit at the computer, sewing machine etc for too long)... last night I had sore feet again... heart-burn, blergh.... can't get out of bed, lol! Oh, the joys of pregnancy!!

Just got back from my midwife appt with Karen. I'm secretly praying that I get Elaine (my other midwife) on call actually (apparently she's on call next Friday night, so that will have to be the night... OK with you baby!!??) coz she's much nicer and easier to relate to. And she might just let me labour in the bath too... maybe I'll just accidentally call her pager instead! Anyway, blood pressure good, baby is head down, good strong heartbeat (144 bpm - has always been over 140 = a girl maybe??)... all good.. just the waiting game now.

Anyway, enough about my boring pregnancy...

Eli had a doozy of a stack the other day. We were at friend's for a coffee and the kids were all playing in the backyard and on the cement patio. Of course Eli loses his balance while walking and somehow managed to totally face-plant into the cement. Blood everywhere! Out of his nose, he bit his lip, and also managed to put a couple of scratches on his upper lip. I didn't really handle all that blood too well though - give him to Dad to fix up thankyou! But he was right as rain, and happily playing again within a few minutes... ohhh, boys.... and what a wonderful age 1 is... not.....

He's also been really obsessed with his toothbrush of late! Weird... I think my sister started it when she babysat him a week or so ago and she said he just carried it around and chewed on it all afternoon, lol. Good one Shan. Anyway, as soon as we walk into the bathroom now, he points towards the toothbrushes and says 'eeeee' (you know, like he's showing me his teeth) and he wants to brush his teeth. The toothbrush is also one of the only objects that is helping to keep him still on the changetable now, which is not so good for a nudie bottom to be getting around when its this cold! Brrrr.....


Chrissy said...

Your poor little Eli! I can relate, my Alex seriously will send me grey with all his injuries and antics. *sigh*

Sounds like you are all organised sweetie and ready for this bubba! I can't wait!! :-)

Hugs and prayers for you and bubs!
Love Chrissy xx

Carolina said...

Love the curtains Nat, you seem like one of those people who succeed at anything they try their hand at! A lot like the words of Proverbs 16:3 'Commit to the LORD whatever you do, and your plans will succeed' You go girl!

Nat-Mardon said...

Thanks Carol! What a great comment and proverb reminder - thanks!!!