Monday, June 04, 2007


Thanks to you all who left kind, reassuring comments after my mini-rant about Elijah. It turned out we had an absolute shocker with him and Jaidyn this weekend. But I think by the end of yesterday, we were just laughing off the irritable behaviour, and thinking "well, when it rains, it pours!"

Things have been much better today! (But, Jaidyn is not home from school yet! Hoping he comes home in a good mood, after the foulness he displayed yesterday...)

I think a lot of it is just coming down to my total lack of energy at the moment in these last weeks of my pregnancy. So prayers for some energy would be appreciated.

I had a terrible sleep last night too. But this is not really to complain, just to tell my little story. I woke up for my routine toilet trip at about 1am. But I started getting aches in my lower abdomen, and I thought maybe it was labour! Early I know, but it wasn't the same as the braxton hicks I've been getting. Was having pains in the lower abdomen across the front, so of course that woke me right up, and it then took me at least another hour and a half to get back to sleep! The way I feel this morning, I think it was a tummy bug that was giving me the pains though, because it must have died down after I fell back to sleep. (I did have a cool dream about going into labour though!) So today I've felt really lousy. I just had a nice long nap, but still don't really feel too good. I think an early night is in store for me tonight.
But... after a mini labour scare - I'm getting organised packing these hospital bags now! Washed the muslin wraps today, so that's the last of what I need for Bub's bag... mine will me more of a 'do when I go in' thing as I need all the clothes and toiletries up until then!

Well, I can hear Eli in the kitchen in the background right now - he's probably in the bin or pulling out all the tupperware or something equally michevious!

Ciao xx


Anthea said...

hmmm sounds like your getting "pre labor" pains too!! lol the joys of pregnancy!!

Tara said...

Now that you're ready, sending lots of labour vibes to you. :)

Karen L said...

Glad to hear you are getting your hospital bag packed Nat - hopefully it won't be long now and I am praying that you are more energised today and that the kids are perfect little angels for you.

Megan said...

I'm praying for you Nat. Not long to go for both of us. Can you believe in that by the end of next month we will both have newborns!! AHHHHH!! Glad you got the bags packed - mine are 3/4 done and like you will put the last things in when stuff starts happening.
Hoping you feel better today.