Saturday, March 15, 2008


Just a quick update:

* Greg and Jai headed off this morning for Boys Brigade father & son camp. They were both looking forward to it, and I too - for them to spend some quality time together. So its me and the babes for the weekend. We've been to vote and to the shops today but the b'day party we were supposed to go to was cancelled as the little girl was sick. :( So we've just pottered around here, played in the sunshine in the backyard and the babes are both fed, bathed and lying down on the loungeroom floor watching a movie before bed (oh wait, no I think Lani is sitting up now!) Perfect - they'll be in bed early tonight - the joys of little ones not knowing how to tell the time!

My life has been pretty much nappies, mummy-ing, sewing, nappies, mummy-ing, sewing this last week. I'm swamped with orders, which is so exciting, so I gotta get to it! Have been cutting them out throughout the days at quiet times, but gotta put in a lot of sewing effort tonight! I'm looking forward to it :) I spent up big on fleece and a few more prints yesterday so I should be set for the next couple of months. Had a really great business opportunity yesterday, but haven't decided (or heard from God) whether to take it or not - really gotta assess what I can handle and how much time I want to be putting into it.

Not much else to report really - that's about for my life at the moment!!

Hope you're all having a great weekend xx


Anonymous said...

Oooh, what is your business opportunity N? Sounds exciting! If you follow your heart I'm sure you won't go wrong :)


Jasmine said...

So exciting to hear how your business has just taken off right from the start!!!

Hope you're enjoying your weekend with just the little ones - and your sewing of course ;)

Jas xx