Saturday, March 08, 2008

Business venture...

The last couple of weeks I've been working hard behind the scenes to get a few things ready to launch my new business! Yes, Nat is starting a business!

You probably all know of my latest obsession with modern cloth nappies, and sewing my own. Well, I'm taking it a step further and making them for you too (well your bub of course!). I have tried a wide range of styles with my two bubbas, so I'll be offering all of them.

If you're interested, please pop over to and have a little squizzie. I've had so many lovely friends interested already, and I'm so excited to see God blessing this little venture for me. It seems I've had little business ideas every now and then, but nothing has ever come to fruition, but God is totally blessing this one for me. Praise the Lord! Now just to get actual orders in and get to the sewing machine!

I have my friend Hayley to thanks for giving me the little push I needed, when she asked me a couple of weeks ago if I would make some for her little girl. Well, I sent her first lot to her on Thursday and was rather excited to see it leaving my hands. And I look forward to seeing them on Miette soon! Hopefully they fit.

So please, if you have bubbas, why not consider modern cloth nappies. You'll be saving both the environment and your wallet (saving an average of $1500 over the 2.5 years your bubba is in nappies - nice little family holiday huh?) and your bubba's butt will be the talk of all your friends!

Visit my new blog at or email me at if you'd like a product/price list.


Anonymous said...

Fantastic Nat. As soon as I saw these on your blog I knew they could be a best seller. I am very proud of your efforts and I wish you every success.

If I had a baby right now I would be sure to buy some of these. Have fun sewing up a storm and making a BIG profit.

Love from Susan (smiles1965) at Scrapboxx

Nic Wood said...

just checked it out...looks awesome nat!

Nic Anderson said...

Oh Nat , this is sooo exciting for you !! everytime i see these on your blog I think how cool are these and can't wait to get pregant just to order some from you LOL!! hopefully in the next year hey!!..
Best of luck with new adventure!!

Nic xx