Monday, March 10, 2008

Look at this handsome young man...

Jaidyn started Boys Brigade a few weeks back, and they had their first church parade yesterday morning. We made sure we got the uniform this week so he could wear it for the first parade (just minus the badges which I haven't sewn on yet). And he looked so handsome! And so grown up!! Just look at this handsome young man would you!

Such a proud mumma I was watching him walk up to the front of the church :)

He's loving Boys Brigade so far, and Greg and him are off on a Father & Son camp this coming weekend. I'm looking forward to them spending some quality time together too. Will be strange not having them around for Sat night though - but I'm sure I can survive - Sarah and I will probably have a sewing night, as her hubby is the BB captain so he'll be off camping too.

In other news, GOD IS SO GOOD!! I have been blown away with the support and response I've had for my new business already in just a couple of days. I have a couple of orders on the go now already, so exciting!! I got a little stressed for a couple of moments yesterday thinking 'what if I get too many orders at once and I can't keep up!' (optimistic I know ;) but I know that God has not blessed this for me to get stressed out and overwhelmed... and that He will not give me more than I can handle at any given time. So I trust in Him that He will allow me to balance this well, and bring in the business when I can do it.

Greg bought himself some golf clubs off eBay last week, and he's going to play with a couple of his mates today - with his own clubs. We we were having a laugh about it, saying he must be getting old coz he's enjoying playing golf - not that you can't if you're young, moreso that he never thought he'd be interested in golf!

I'm off to Spotlight today to buy some more prints for the nappies. New fabric makes me smile! I love all the bright colours and cute prints. And now that I can justify buying more - coz it will get used - I'm happy :) And even better that Spotlight has 20% off everything today - great!!

Anyway, thought I would end with some thankfulness today -

5 things that I'm thankful for today:
1. Monday - Greg's day off - Monday's are good!
2. God blessing my new business! I'm still in awe of His goodness! Soooo thankful for this one!
3. Great friends
4. Coffee (been staying up late a bit lately, so caffeine is my friend :))
5. Matthew 19:26b - with God all things are possible!!


Jasmine said...

Jaidyn sure does look handsome in his BB uniform!!! I'm sure he and Greg will have a ball away at camp :) My sister and I used to be in GB and loved it - I can't wait for my 2 to be old enough for brigades.

Praise God for your business going well!

Karen L said...

Ah what memories coming floating back when i see Jaidyn in his BB uniform. He loos so handsome. It doesn't seem that long ago that my kids were dressed like that and heading off to Brigade.
Great to hear the orders are flowing in already Nat - praying that this will turn out to be a wonderful business for you guys.

Chrissy said...

How funny, my sister and I were only just talking about Girls Brigade tonight on the phone and our uniform! LOL I wish I had some piccies of us back then but I don't *think* there are any at my folks that I can remember seeing. He is sooo handsome love!

I'm thrilled your new venture is going in the right direction too sweetie, I have absolute faith it will be exciting and prosperous for you darl. How could it not be? Your MCNs are *gorgeous*!!! :-)

Love ya heaps!
Chrissy x