Saturday, March 29, 2008

Easter, cars and nappies

Well, its only a week late with my Easter photos!!
We had a really great weekend over Easter, which would have only been made better if Greg didn't have to work Saturdays (Easter included!).

The kids woke up eager for the easter egg hunt (well Jai did, don't think Eli really noticed much). So we got Greg out of bed, and Jai and I made pancakes for breakfast while Greg went and hid the eggs.

After eating breakfast, we headed downstairs for the hunt!! Jai was so fast as usual, we had to slow him down as Eli hadn't done it before!! Eli had a ball though, he thought it was so fantastic finding eggs in the garden and in his cubbyhouse and tunnel...

Here's a few pics - Greg didn't really get many of Jai as he was running and grabbing too quickly!!

In other news, we got our new car, FINALLY!!! Sorry, no pic yet - its grey and dismal here and my washing is kinda hanging over the top of it, so won't make for a nice pic. Will get Greg to get one on Monday... but anyway, IT'S. SO. GOOD!!!!! I am totally in love!! Its so good to drive a car that I can't hear over the radio!! I have a CD player, cruise control, it beeps at me to put my seatbelt on, tells me how many k's before I need more fuel, the indicators make a nice soft clicking, central locking, alarm... ohhh nice...... I love it!! If fuel wasn't so $$ I might go for a long drive somewhere!! Oh, and its a silver 2005 Ford Falcon wagon. I love it!!

Lani is now 9 months old - how did that happen!! In the last month she's sprouted FOUR teeth!! Hasn't had too much trouble with them thankfully. But she's growing too fast! She's a pro at crawling now, and pulls herself up on anything she can. She's just starting to let go and stand on her own and things she's the bees knees when she does. She's into everything just like her brother, and her fave naughty thing to do is play with the buttons and dials on the television receiver... I remember writing that exact thing not that long ago for Elijah!! We just got him not touching the buttons, and now we have to deal with it all over again! *sigh*

She's as cute as anything though.

PATOOTIES Nappies is going great-guns! If you go and check out the blog, you will see that the introductory prices that are currently offered are ending on the 5th April - that will be a month from when I started it all. The time has gone so fast, and I've been abundantly blessed with lots of customers and orders to fill, so thankyou from the bottom of my heart to all who have been supporting the business. If you've been thinking about ordering, get in and do it in the next week before the price-rise.

Well, half my Saturday seems to have melted away already, better go do some homemaker duties and look after these kids!!

N xx


Karen L said...

Ah Natti good to see an update. Can't beleive how much Eli has grown - certainly looks like he has enjoyed his first Easter Egg hunt. Can't wait to see pictures of the new car - talk about spoilt, so happy for you guys. Pleased to hear that the nappy venture is going so well too. They look amazing. I love all the bright coloured nappies you are making.

DenimAngel said...

Lol Nat I can't believe your tiny little bubba girl has more teeth than my boy (we have two and are still hanging out for more???)

ajrunge said...

hay Natti,
how you going? been thinking of you :) have you had a chance to spend your voucher at scrapbook city yet? hey, when you get a chance drop me an email and we will 'catch up'!
love ya
PS thanks for your sms for Jojos birhtday :)

Chrissy said...

So glad to hear the car is here and you're happy with it all! Yay! Sorry I've been a bit quiet, just trying to cope with kids, work and M still away OS iykwim. Thinking of you though sweetie and hey, I can hardly believe your baby girl has so many toothy pegs already! :-)

God bless you darl
Chrissy x