Monday, March 03, 2008

A special day...

Yesterday was a very special day, as we had our bubbas - Elijah and Lani - dedicated to God at our church. It was a lovely ceremony with some family and friends, and the kids looked just oh-so-cute!!! I sang a song with my worship leader and friend, Paula - it was a song she wrote for her eldest son when he was dedicated, and it is just beautiful. My Dad videoed the ceremony, so I'll try to put up my song at some stage - if its any good! lol... and I'll be able to send the vid to some special people who couldn't make it - like Greg's parents and sister, and my Lusi...

Anyway, here are some of the snaps from the day:

My beautiful princess in her pretty dress -

Eli in his cuteness (OK so I cheated and took this just then!):

Singing the song with Paula:

A family snap (albeit not a really great one):

The cuppies Liss and I made:

Photo of all my family that was there: esp great to have my Nana and Gran and Pop and sis Liss there.

My beautiful sisters and I - Shan (left) and Liss (middle)

Jai, playing around in the playground:

Eli and Uncle Jeremy:


Lus :) said...

Oh honey - such beautiful snaps!!!!!
I thought of you guys ALL day and you know how I wished I could have been there!
What an awesome thing it is so stand before our loved ones and declare our love and thanks to God for Him granting us the privillege of raising His kids! And to have you dedicate them to Him and have the church stand with you and your family to all help in bringing them up in the ways of the Lord is just simply so wonderful!
Love to you all and can't wait to see the video!
Love Lus x

Nan said...

Lusi took ALL my words right out of my mouth!!!! So just read them all again from me! Also - thanks for the pic. of Uncle Jeremy .... it is a role I have never seen so it is special too. The children look SO adorable! (Jai too!) Nan.

Karen L said...

Ah nat - such gorgeous gorgeous photos of you guys. Such a very special day - my thoughts and prayers were with you guys all day yesteray too. So glad you got to share that wonderdul day or dedicating your littles to God with all your family.

Jasmine said...

Nat - it looks (and sounds) like you had a wonderful day! The kids all look gorgeous. How beautiful are Lani's dress and shoes? Eli looks supercool ;) I love that pic of Jai - what a character :)

The cuppies look gorgeous too!!!

Jas xx

Shazz said...

a special day for sure nat.
the kids all looked gorgeous and what a special thing that you sang on their special day.

Anthea said...

oh Nat, your kids are gorgeous, what a lovely share of photos you have here!!

Roz said...

Nat, what a beautiful day it was! Your bubs are just so gorgeous and growing SO fast! Would like to hear you sing too :)

Diane said...

What a fabulous family you have. The children look absolutely gorgeous. Ant those cup cakes...