Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Tagged again, and new whitegoods!!

The lovely Roz tagged me with this one. I don't think these ever end...

4 jobs you've done:
Reception and check-out chick at Target
Waitress in a Function room
After School Care
Private tutoring

4 movies you could watch over and over:
The Princess Bride
Dirty Dancing
Love Actually
The Little Mermaid

4 place you have lived:
All suburbs in Brisbane...
Karana Downs
Ferny Hills

4 TV shows you LOVE to watch:
Stargate Atlantis
The Amazing Race

4 places you have been on vacation:
Condobolin (where Shannon Noll hails from)

4 websites you visit daily:
My blog list
ASC (usually on every other day though)

4 of your favourite foods:
Choc-mint icecream

4 places you would rather be right now:
In bed
On the other side of the world in snow
Shopping (with lots of money of course!)
In a house that is mine but looks a lot more 'organised' than this one does!

4 bloggers you are tagging:

And, for news..... we have a NEW FRIDGE..... nice..... very nice to have a WHITE fridge.... ours had almost carked it so we decided to get another (24 mnths interest free) before it died... and it looks so niiice... nothing overly fancy (even though Jaidyn thought we should have got the one with the TV!!)... I would have liked one of the titanium ones but they just didn't have the set-out we wanted in the budget we could still afford... so a nice white sparkly one it is!! Can't wait to go grocery shopping now and fill my new little fridge up :)

We also had a visitor last night:

He was not scared of us at all.. Greg clicked these pics with the zoom lens on, just in case he ran away though. We even gave him some banana, and he ate the whole thing, little piggy. We had heard there is a family of possums in our mango tree but hadn't yet seen them :)


Deb said...

haha! they're great snaps of your little visitor!!

What sort of fridge did you get?? Ours is an upside down and only 12months old... but i LOVE it - its my pride and joy and I always make sure it smells clean and vanillery... weird how you can get so attached to a house hold appliance that is not a TV eh?? LOL!!!!!

Oh an thanks for the tag!! ;)

Roz said...

oh how cute is he??!! Great pics Greg!

And yay on the fridge- it's amazing how white goods can get you excited hey!

Brooke said...

Ohhh soo cute Natti! You better watch out, he'll be back for more now! LOL. (What happened to that cat that was visiting you, btw? Did he find another home to go to?)

Ohhh I totally understand the fridge thing... we got a new fridge a couple of years ago... and even though it wasn't 'new' (we got it second-hand from someone at my work cos money was a bit tight), it was soooo exciting!! I've always wanted one of the stainless steel ones though... one with an ice and water dispenser! How cool would that be? Be careful of the 24 month interest free thing though... because I've heard that the interest rates after the 24 months are just SKY HIGH... and you don't want to have to pay heaps in the end for it!

Take care sweetie!

Natasha said...

we had a possum last night too. Little redish coloured one, was eating the leaves on our passionfruit vine, which is odd, would have thought it would eat the fruit lol...

Diana said...

Nat there are a few possums around this area. We have one that sometimes lives in our roller door. It often comes to visit and run around on the roof about 3am.


Nat-Mardon said...

Thanks Brooke for the heads up, but we are aware of the 27% (yep, sky high) interest after the 24 months. We'll be paying off the fridge (or part of the camera) with a bit of the baby bonus we'll get in June though, so not too much to worry about. Other than that, we will be paying diligently each month to pay it off in the 2 years... 1/3 interest almost - cheeky! And they say that 40% of customers don't pay them off in time... hefty!