Saturday, January 14, 2006

Home again...

Have been AWOL for a bit this week. Greg had to work out at Ipswich filling in for a week, so ALDI put him (us) up in a motel for the week. Nothing overly flash, but a nice big pool, air-con and Foxtel... beats being at home in the stinky heat watching the same videos over and over again!

So Jaidyn and I headed out there for 3 nights and had a nice time. Greg had 1 1/2 of those days off so it wasn't all just us. And I had the opportunity to visit a couple of friends that live out there - Carol-Lea and her gorgeous little kids, and an old friend Sammy. Jai had a great time playing with Edie and Jami and they also came for a swim and a nice cool-off, that day was stinking hot. Thanks for the wonderful company for the day Carol-Lea!

We also went out for dinner to the Brothers Leagues Club with Carol-Lea, Craig and the kids last night. Was really nice for us because its not something we do very much and the scene was also different to what we're used to. Had a really nice time chatting over a couple of drinks (diet coke!), even if at times it was hard to hear over the music :)

I will have 'eaten out' a total of 4 times this week - amaaahhh... KFC for 2 nights, Leagues Club last night and tonight Greg and I are going out for a friends b'day too. Lucky us, but not too good for the poor credit card :(

Was inspired by Carol-Lea's gorgeous house and scrap-room to get myself, my house, my life (!) organised!! It needs to happen some time! And now, its the #1 thing on my 2006 intentions list. It's not going to be easy for me as I'm a self-confessed 'messy', but I'm going to try my darndest. My house needs some order, some storage ideas, definitely some routine and a 'style'... so over the next few pays (months) I'm going to be buying up on storage, curtains, prints etc to make this house look like a home! Thanks for the inspiration Carol!

Will upload a couple of the pics from our week tomorrow. Not too many 'great' ones but will do so anyway!

Oh, and SHOCK HORROR!! I actually SCRAPPED, can you believe it! I did the first page for my 'pregnancy journal' - a double spread including the scan pics I got last week. Just have to add a few finishing touches and then I'll upload a pic.

Hope you have all had a great weekend xxx


Nic Wood said...

Sounds like you had a great time away Nat. Hanging out to see your LO!!!
Nac xxx

Roz said...

SO glad you had a nice time with CL...and her house has a habit of doing that to you hey!! Can't wait to come and see your place and what you've done with it!


Can't wait to see these pages!! OMG you scrapped!! WOohooo!!

Tam said...

ooh curtains... i need me some of those too! good luck with your organising! good to hear you had a good time away.

linda said...

your time away sounded like fun. i've just had 3 weeks at home to organise stuff and i did 'a big fat nothing'... I'm much better under pressure. haha. Have a great week.

Deb said...

ooh mini holiday!!

sounds like you had fun!