Thursday, January 19, 2006

Down to business... that's busYness

Yep, its all guns a blaze today. Lots to do. Gotta get all Jaidyn's school supplies - new uniforms, book pack, well, mostly everything. Good ol' me leaves it all to the very last minute... maybe next year I'll be a little more organised... so today will be a lot of running here and there. And I hope it's all still available.

Yesterday Greg, Jaidyn and I went on a little road trip down the coast to Coolangatta for a swim and some piccies on the beach. Greg and I are rather nervous about using the 350D on the beach for fear that sand will get blown into every little important device... how do you all tackle it?

We saw Erica and the kids and Roz briefly at Maccas, but both of them had to run off so it was back to just us again. Was still great to see you girls!! And next time, the belly will be even bigger... hope to see a bump on you too Miss Erica.

Jai and Greg had a swim and I luckily took a mag to read on the beach. Unfortunately and although I lathered up on the sunscreen, I got rather burnt... I missed my fore-arms - ouch! - and Greg must have missed the edges of my back. Sleep was a little painful last night, but I'll recover... the arms hurt the most! Ouch!! I hate the sun!! And it doesn't like me either.

Didn't get any overly fantastic pics. We were getting tired and ready to go home and Jai didn't really want to co-operate... but here are a couple I like.


Diana said...

I love the photos you took. Hope you got all the school stuff sorted for Jaidyn. Is is counting sleeps till school starts?
I hope you sunburn has stopped hurting.


Tam said...

yay for a day on the beach! love that pic of you and jaidyn - what a cutie (both of you!!!)

Deb said...

love those pics!!

hope the sunburn is feeling better too oxox

linda said...

You are so lucky to be fortunate enough to do day trips to Coolangatta. I'm off to the Gold Coast in Feb so looking forward to it. In your previous post u said u had a mango tree - I am so jealous.. Great pics.

Ruthy said...

All the best with school for Jayden. Your first time having a school kid. Have fun!!!!

Nat-Mardon said...

LOL Linda, yes we have a mango tree but they are the yucky stringy ones and you'd have to beat the possums to them anyhow... and they devour them when they're still very green...