Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Hope you all had a nice night, whether partying hard or having a quiet one with some friends or family. We had friends over for a nice quiet night, lots of chatting and laughing, and lots of food! It was also Greg's 25th birthday (Happy Birthday Baby!) so we had a caramel cheesecake and sang Happy Birthday as you do. Lol, we were almost ready for bed at 10pm though! Maybe we'll have a quieter one next year, no party... maybe...

Looking back on 2005, I thought I'd sum up what it was for me and my family.

* * *

2005 was a year of... new beginnings, with Greg starting a new career at ALDI.

2005 was a year of... accomplishment, with myself finishing my early childhood degree.

2005 was a year of... exploring, with myself venturing into my own craft consultancy business.

2005 was a year of... failure, with me attempting again to lose weight and being unsuccessful, again.

2005 was a year of... belonging, when we changed church families and now feel at home.

2005 was a year of... new friendships, with all the wonderful new people we've met at our new church.

2005 was a year of... growing up, with my boy turning five and getting ready to go off to big school

2005 was a year of... wonder, excitement and anticipation, with the discovery of our pregnancy.

And 2006 is bound to bring us many more wonderful adventures!!

I have been thinking about my 'goals' or 'intentions' list and hope to scrap it soon and will post it also.

Wishing you all the best for the new year. Hope its full of new beginnings, success and wonderful times for you and your families.

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Roz said...

Nat, I love how you've summed up the year! All the best for's going to be an exciting one! :o)