Thursday, January 05, 2006


We had our scan today and it was so exciting to see my baby. And yes, there is just one in there. Would have been nice to have twins, but I probably wouldn't say that once they were born as I'm sure one will be handful enough!

And, we found out we are a week further than first thought! Baby was supposed to be about 18 weeks 5 days, but the scan inferred 19 weeks 6 days, so we are pretty much halfway now! Making due date 26th May by the hospital, not sure whether the doc will change it or not - I would say so, as it was uncertain before.

What a wonderful miracle child-bearing is! It was so amazing to see the little angel moving around inside me, putting her (hoping!) hands up and down, stretching her legs in and out. Towards the end, I think she was getting fed up with being poked and prodded though because she tucked her face right in and wouldn't co-operate... lol, yep its my child alright. Stubborn and difficult even before birth. Jaidyn came with us too, so he was pretty amazed that he could see his baby sister/brother inside my tummy, and he wasn't 'too' much of a pain.

I have 5 scan photos. While they aren't really good ones, I want to do something with them anyway, so I really need to clean/organise the scrap room a bit and buy lots of new products and get stuck into some scrapping. Now I have a few belly pics and scan pics, so no excuses anymore hey. I really just got to stop procrastinating (my strength!) and do it.

Oh, and we didn't find out the sex as you can tell. We want a surprise. Lol, I kept expecting to see a little penis or something when I didn't want to, so was careful not to look too closely around that area. LOL....

Can't wait till Eck has her scan. I'm guessing she'll find out the sex, but I think that backfired last time didn't it Eck? Was meant to be pink and came out blue! I hope you get what you and Matt are hoping for :)

Nat :)


Tam said...

oh, wow. how exciting, sweet! it is such a miracle, and i hope you're enjoying every minute!


Ruth clarke said...

I think this time of your life is one of the most exciting periods you'll ever experience. the wonder of life! I always loved being pregnant - probably why I went back five times!!! Looking forward to you LO's on this subject.
ruthy x

Roz said...

oh Nat, how beautiful. And omg, you're a week ahead! I'm so glad to hear that all is going well :o)

mishell said...

oh lovely for you NAtti1 That is super eciting and just a gorgeous thing to read about! Glad I popped around!
Love ya

Chris Millar said...

Nat this is so wonderful!! And even better that you may be further along! I loved the surprise with my two also. Somethings gotta keep you going with the labour!

Madamx81 said...

Half way...far out i didn't realise you were so far along... wow, so exciting!!! I can imaging that experience would be so fantastic, that's really cute that Jaidyn was able to go too. You reckon you're good at procrastinating...not better than me ;)

kathie said...

How exciting Nat! Oh, I'm so excited for you. Isn't seeing your baby on the ultrasound for the first time just the sweetest thing? I got Jamie's out the other day - the 19 week one where we can see his little sweet profile and I was looking at it, thinking "that was you little man!" Now I know what that little face looks like, I got all teary looking at his ultrasound pic. How soppy is that? I dunno, I must still have those pregnancy hormones running around inside - although I haven't cried at any TV ads for a while, so I must be getting back to normal, lol!

yay, get scrapping woman! Can't wait to see some more work from you!


Lou said...

WOW Nat, that is a truely special experience! Glad bub is healthy and happy for you & family

Nic Wood said...

What a wonderful experience for you to all have as a family Nat. I bet you were all so excited to see your little bub for the first time.
Nac xxc

Justine Quinlivan said...

How special Natti! Elise was due on my b'day (May 28th) and she came on the 19th, so maybe there might be a shared b'day there....that would be lovely! Sounds like you are glowing with happiness...all the best!