Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Doing the Random

This is so much easier - I can say what I want, where I want and it will make sense!

* Met the gorgeous Sal yesterday (OMGosh I just did a link - did it work??) for a coffee and an informal Scrap of Faith meeting... isn't she just lovely (to those of you who have met her... the kids had a ball at the Everton Park Hotel playground and we enjoyed a coffee, some cake (I even bypassed the cheesecake and went for a more point-friendly muffin!) and a squizzie through eachother's things... oh gosh, this girls' stuff is gorgoeus! And a lot of it was very time-consuming too... Wow, I was feeling a little intimidated and nervous that she'd put me on as DT member for SoF... my stuff lately has been far more simple, but I'm going to be putting more time into it and I'm still waiting for my mojo to kick in properly... I just wish it would find me sometime, so I can find my own style and really start enjoying scrapping again. Anyway, it was great to meet you in person Sal! I'm sure we'll have many more conversations over coffee :)

* What is with men, facial hair and a white bathroom sink... I currently have two men living with me so its double disgusting!! Gross.... needless to say, its white again now, but just wait till tomorrow...

* Speaking of yuck, gotta go to polls for good old Peter Beatie... and its on the same day as the Brissie Crop that Chris M is organising... grr which will mean I'll have to go before the crop. I hate elections... in fact I don't even think my enrolment is current - better send in those new address forms huh...

* Murder anyone?? Was chatting to my SIL on MSN this morning and she was showing me pics from a Murder Mystery Party she went to - she's also hosted one and said it isn't that hard as everything comes together in the kit... so I'm going to have one!! Have wanted to be in one for ages, I love a good dress up and love to entertain, so it should be a ball!! Now just to find a good (and relatively cheap) one on the net, and then start planning!! Has anyone ever been to or hosted one??

* My baby boy is so cute... but we already knew that! This week he has discovered that he can kick his little spider toy that hangs on his playgym.. its so cute to watch him watching his feet and responding when the toy moves - one of the first signs of intelligence - so precious :)

* Babies babies everywhere! Yay to Evana and family on the arrival of baby Jeol. And an old school friend whom I've only reconnected with in the last couple of months, had a baby girl on the 4th... they have called her Skyla (not sure of spelling tho)... hopefully we'll be showing off our babies to eachother next weekend.

* Ooh, I lost another 0.6kg this week. Not a great deal I know, but I'm really happy with that because I didn't really track this week - I know, week two and I'm already not tracking! lol... and now I've misplaced my points counter so I'm guessing a lot.. will have to buy the calculator next meeting... so far 1.4kgs down. I NEED to get out walking this week!!

* Mmm... chai latte.... have just discovered them, yummm... not as point-friendly as coffee or tea, with 2 points a cup, but a nice tasty and good-smelling treat!

Oh and finally, my 5 things that I'm grateful for today:
1. The beautiful Sal and her awesome site that I'm so excited about!
2. Cheap Tuesday at the video store
3. Chai Latte (again)
4. A beautiful bunch of flowers that Greg gave me for our anniversary yesterday.
5. That my Mum is HOME TODAY! Yay!!

Seeya, have a blessed day,
Nat xx


lusi said...

Yay for you and Sal being able to meet irl!
Congrats too on the weight loss!
And yay for your ma being home!

Lus x

Sal :-) said...

"Blushing". Yesterday was so cool :) thanks for the lovely comments about my work. But it's so funny because today you are thinking I need to put more time in & I'm thinking I need to simplify and become fresh and funky. Hey maybe you and me in the same body would make the perfect scrapper!!!

Oh boy it's only Tuesday and your week is sounding fantastic!!!

ANd Peter Beattie, I'm soooo mad at him for choosing that date!!!! Doesn't he read our blogs!!!!

Cheryl Wray said...

I'm so with you on the guys and facial hair in the sink. Yuck!!! My dh obviously is unable to rinse a sink! LOL
I hosted a mystery party WAY back in college days. It was so much fun! And my middle dd has decided that she wants a mystery party for next year's birthday. That will be cool!
Sounds like you had a great day! Have another good one today.


Deb said...

Oh I looovvveeee Chai Latte's! Try Jarrah's Vanilla Chai's coz they are only 66 calories - yum!

Love the idea of a murder mystery party! I can't wait until our house is finished so we can do some entertaining too!

oh and I managed to squeeze in some darkroom time last night and printed up the contact sheets - there are a couple of really nice pics - one especially of elijah peaking over your shoulder and looking directly into the camera - gorgeous! Anyway, on thursday I will print up some pics - yay!

Megan said...

Hair in the sink - I feel your pain. Do they not know how to rinse the sink after shaving! And Chai Latte's - my absolute favourite. I get one everytime I go to Gloria Jeans - just ask for a skinny one!

Lara said...

congrats Nat! I'm really looking forward to my first SOF Class!

Beth said...

Hi Nat!
Thanks for dropping by my blog!
Congratulations on baby Elijah!
Well done on your loss Nat!
You can still join in the C2S blog if you would like a place to keep track of progress and for motivation, up to you.

Anonymous said...

Hi Nat,

It was great meeting you on line last night in Sal's 'Scrap of Faith" class.
Good on you on your weight loss, and I ahve also been to a couple of those murder mystery dinners and they are a huge amount of fun. Look forward to meeting you IRL next month.