Sunday, August 13, 2006


Had a great sermon in church today. Craig is doing a series over the next few weeks on Christian Foundations, so all the basics like salvation, baptisn, communion etc. Today was the first week of salvation. There was a lot about sin and a lot about repentence. I had some 'aha' moments too... one in particular - there was a definition up of what 'sin' is and it said 'sin is doing something that God says not to do.... or.... NOT doing what God says... WOW!! NOT DOING WHAT GOD SAYS! That means not doing what he's called me to do... and all too many times I diregard the little things he calls me to do whether its telling a friend something about Jesus, whether its reaching out and inviting a cell member over for a meal, or whether its standing up for God when I know I should. WOW.... I'm SINNING!! Goodness me. I never thought of it like that... I guess really its disobeying isn't it.... some things, like my call to ministry, like my leading the Kids Ministry... and struggling with following through with leadership responsibilities... I've never really thought of it as sinning if I'm falling short there... but I guess he's placed me in that calling and I need to step up! True insight!

So many of us Christians find it hard to express our love for God and Jesus. To show others what it means to be TRULY LOVED UNCONDITIONALLY and to be a Christian, and to share His gospel and truth with others. So many times 'we don't want to offend' or 'its not the right time in their lives' (coming straight from my mouth and reasonings those two!) but darnit, who cares. Many other people might write about sex, astrology, be bitchy etc without a thought of who it might offend (esp christians!) so why can't we do the same?? why not offend.... for the sake of My King! To me offense is a stirring of something in their soul.... so I'll go and offend and I'll do it for God!! (in saying that, offense on my part will probably only be on this site, as in person I'm a lot more reserved, inhibited and bashful).

So yes I'm rambling, yes I'll probably lose some viewers and readers for good, but darnit, I want to declare the truth!
I want to tell you all what having Jesus as my saviour and best friend does in my life!
I want to tell you that I AM FREE!
That I will sin, yes, but that I will be forgiven when I come to my Father with it. I want to tell you that I am comforted beyond all need in the arms of my God.
I want to tell you that YOU TOO can find freedom, and love, and acceptance in the saving grace of Jesus Christ.
There is NOTHING that He cannot do, that He cannot bring you through, that He cannot forgive or that He cannot heal.
Are you searching for something that you aren't finding in what you live right now??

Nat xx


Sal :-) said...

You Go Girl!!!! :) :)

Seek and Ye shall find, aint that the truth!!! I may walk away, but when I come home he is there with the biggest love imaginable. Such Joy and peace when you find God & his Son :)

Megan said...

Preach it sister!! Good on you for sharing the truth

Katie Toland said...

Amen sister!!

You may just win a few viewers and readers too. Good on you Nat, keep it up :)

xx katie

lusi said...

Ney Nat! Your passion for Jesus and Truth is something exciting!
Sal is right...there's nothing like falling into the arms of God -Father Son and Spirit! He is so powerful and awesome and yet sooooo loving and kind at the same time. The peace He gives is second to none.
James 4:17 I think it is...scripture for your not doing what you know you should...and don't we all fall short there at times.
Thank you for sharing what's in your heart :)
Happy Anniversary to you and Greg today! ((((Hugs)))) to you both sweet!
Lus x

lusi said...

Oh...that's supposed to say 'Hey Nat!' Not Ney Nat...I'm not a horse I promise!!! lol

Roz said...

Go Natti!

And yes, yes, yes!!

Ditto to Katie- you may just 'win' some readers ;o)

Cheryl Wray said...

Great post, Nat!! I had an a-ha moment once about those sins of "omission" too; we are sinning when we're just being lazy or too tired or not caring NOT to do what's right. And, what's sad is sometimes we don't even realize when we're not sinning. That's when we need to draw closer to God so that we CAN sense when we aren't doing what we should.
And you're right--all of us need to be much bolder in our faith. I know I do!!

Jasmine said...

Go Nat!!! Great post :) You've given us all something to really think about. God never ceases to amaze me, I've grown up in a Christian family and have been to church countless times and heard many sermons, and there is always more to learn. Thank you for sharing so openly :)

Your little man is so gorgeous - love those pics in your last post.

Cass said...

Thanks for sharing this. And may God bless you for having the guts to say what you really believe.

Hugs, Cass