Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Weekend catch-up...

Ok, the baby is asleep, the washing is in the machine (now to just get it on the line today!) and I have uploaded teh photos onto the computer. So have a bit of time to share about my weekend now...

On Saturday we went to my old friend Sam's wedding. It was really lovely, and of course she looked just soooo beautiful. She didn't stop smiling all day! This is her second marriage - the first guy was a bit of a 'dick' to say it semi-politely, so its so great to see her happy and with a guy who treats her like a princess. Unfortunately blogger (or my computer that has a temperamental hard-drive) won't let me upload any piccies, darn!

Anyway, then we got home and went straight out again - oh goodness I was so beat already. We went for a friendly poker night with chips and such with a group of good friends from church... Karen, bless her heart, was thinking of me and we made home-made pizzas on lebanese breads so it was a *lot* more healthy than the Pizza Hut variety - and more yummy too I reckon... I did blow the points just a *little* though with a few extra squares of chocolate and a handful of lollies... oh well, its a process isn't it?? And I didn't eat anywhere near as I would have *previously*...

After only 6 hours sleep (I need 8!) we had a HUGE day at church Sunday. Had our 'Sundae Arvo' kids event straight after church, which I co-ordinate... so after a sermon that went a bit too long, we rushed around setting everything up for a BBQ lunch and activities for the kids of the church and community. God has truly blessed this ministry! How awesome He is!! Everything pretty much went off without a hitch - everyone did their jobs, and I was free to just wander, feed baby and generally supervise and watch the afternoon unfold. The kids had a great time and were fairly well behaved which is a bonus :) I was particuarly blessed by my beautiful friend Megan (my soul sister). She is just 16 and she organised the worship team as well as most of the input/story time with the kids. God was sooo working through her and is growing her to be an awesome woman of God and of leadership. SO TRULY blessed to have her in this ministry and someone I can call a friend :) Love you Megs!!

In other news, my Mum is due to come home FOR GOOD in a little over a week!! WOW!! How awesome is that!! So blessed! God has so looked after her :) She is expected to come home on the 15th August - will be exactly 3 months since she went in for her op.. wow time flies by too.... I still remember it all fairly clearly. Which reminds me I should scrap some thoughts on it before I lose them. So yeah, keep praying for her though - that she WILL be out then and will only just keep getting better then :)

Well, I *was* going to put up some piccies of my cute little man, but as I said previously, its not letting me... gggrrrr, always seems to be the way. So another boring text only post from me today.

I'm having a great day today so far. Have done washing, have run a couple of errands already, and hope to do some scrapping after lunch. Then a big long walk this arvo, and good old census tonight.

Have a good one, Nat xx

5 things I'm thankful for today are:
1. The healing power of Jesus Christ! Amen!
2. Fitting (ok, squeezing) into some pre-pregnancy pants on Sunday :)
3. Megan - love you girl xx
4. My church family
5. A baby that is soooo well-behaved even tho he's been dragged all over the place the last few days!


Lisa Pate said...

Hey Nat,

just blogging you back LOL! Church Kids thing sounds awesome!!

It is so cool to be part of something bigger than ourselves.


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Great news about your mum, how exciting. I bet she will be over the moon to be home again.

lusi said...

Hey you! See...I did do my reading here tonight like I promised *finally* lol!
Great news about the Sundae Arvo - sounds like it went perfectly! God is AWESOME hey!
Also so great thta your ma is on her way home. Bet you all can't wait for that...keep me posted ok.
And way to go on the healthy pizzas and the walks. Keep at it honey!
Lus x

kathie said...

Yay that your mum is well enough to be coming home!
Wow, your weekend does sound like it was busy. But fun.

Sal :-) said...

Wow what a full on weekend :) Ahhhh God never lets you down :) What wonderfull blessing you had this weekend :)

8hrs sleep I hear ya!! LOL.

Big Hugs :)

Cheryl Wray said...

Great post! Sounds like you had a VERY busy weekend!!
Love your list of things to be thankful for. We are definitely blessed, aren't we?