Friday, August 11, 2006

Photography and phonecalls..

Been fairly busy again this week. But then again I tend to waste a LOT of time on this computer too - especially now as its in the loungeroom while BIL is living here..

So its Friday already. Time flies huh. What have I been up to?

Had a wonderful long phonecall to the beautiful Lusi last night. Love your chats girl, even if you do like to talk, lol... nice change from me talking all the time... oh yeah, how good would it be to come in November, lol..

Had a good old MSN chat to Sal on Wednesday night too - yay for new friends hey - I'm totally blessed. Been talking with Sal lots and lots about her new site - Scrap of Faith (see link over there -->). Have some exciting news too - she has asked me to be on the DT and help with classes and ideas etc. I'm so honoured and can't wait to start! Thanks so much Sal! Hopefully it will really help me develop my scrapping and also I'm looking forward to creating an album about my Christian walk too.

Today my friend Deb came over to photograph Elijah and I for her photography course assignment. It was fun and Eli was *fairly* well behaved - about as much as you can really expect from a baby! I couldn't see the pics yet tho as its all on film, so she's going to show me when she prints some out - can't wait to see them and hope there's not a bad case of double-chin too prevalent! Was great to catch up with you Deb xx

Had our first scrapping day at church yesterday. For me it was highly UN productive, I just sat and chatted, lol but that's what I normally do. It was just the three of us this week but hopefully we'll have 6 or more next week :)

Saw Mum on Wed. She's looking so great and gosh has gorgeous skinny ankles and legs... loss of muscle tone and all that.... we told her it wasn't really the 'right' way to go about weightloss though, its good to be able to laugh about things still. Taking both boys to see her again tomorrow as Greg's at work and we have nothing else to do. And then she'll be out Tuesday! I'm thinking we'll go over on the Wed tho as Jai has that day as Ekka holiday.

Tonight I'm off to a house-warming party for my school friend Erinna who has recently bought a house with her fiancee. Will be good to see the girls and probably some others from school that I only saw at their engagement party a year and a half ago (but scary coz I hate looking fat in front of old school friends who saw me skinnier - at least I've just had a bub huh?). Some of 'the girls' havent even seen Eli yet either will be good to show him off. Will definitely take the camera I think... Am leaving Greg and Jaidyn at home tho as Greg starts work early in the morning..

Well thats about all for now... N xx


lusi said...

Congrats honey on the dt appointment - such awesome news for you AND the whole site - you will truly be agreat asset!
You reckon I can talk huh? You don't do a bad job at it yourslef missy - ROFL!
Have fun at the housewarming and with seeing your ma too. (hugs) to her!
Hope the church scrapping club takes off too!
Lus x

Cheryl Wray said...

those crops are always tough--want to get some scrapooking done, but just too much fun to gab with friends!!

Cheryl Wray said...

Hey again Nat--I really don't know how I wandered over to your blog. LOL Maybe from Lusi's . . which was from some other blog . . . i lose count. But I love to stumble upon "real life" blogs that I can so totally relate to! Thanks for stopping by mine!!

Deb said...

Hey Natti - I'm developing the negs this morning - oooh! I'm looking forward to seeing how the pics came out. Thanks SO MUCH for being my model and being so patient while I figured out just what the heck I was doing - I feel bad because I didn't help you put back that curtain!!

Oh! BTW - you've been TAGGED!! ;)

Kylie said...

congrats on the dt appointment! how excitement! hope you had a ball at the party!!

NMOTB said...

Hope you enjoyed the party! you have a nice blog!!!