Monday, August 21, 2006

Happy Dance!!

Just got home from WW, and VERY HAPPY to report a 1.3kg loss this week! Woohoo! I didn't know what to expect... was feeling a little lighter in myself but I know I made a few bad decisions and not enough exercise this week, so was half expecting a gain too! But a loss of 1.3 is awesome!! I'm super excited with that!! Takes my total loss to 2.7kgs! Wow!! So maybe I won't make the 5kg mark in 5 weeks, but I'm so much closer to that now with a loss like that - so maybe in another 3-4 weeks I'll be there, or who knows, maybe sooner. I'm really starting to think about what I'm putting into my mouth, my portions (a little) and I'm actually enjoying making healthy alternatives and having some more variety now... its a good thing! Very glad I made the choice to beat this weight problem with WW, and not keep trying (in vain) on my own... have a long way to go of course - still have to get into the whole exercise thing, I'm so sporadic and unmotivated for it now, and also need to limit my sugar intake, but I'm on that path to freedom!

Had a great class with the SoF girls on Sat night. Of course I didn't really get much done - and this was further not helped by a baby waking for a feed - but it was great to chat and get to know some of my new friends a little more. Its funny (and totally awesome!) how God brings different people into your life at certain times in your life... I have just found a whole heap of new Christian friends that I can scrap with too. Scrapping has really been on the way-side for me for some time, but I really feel that God has given me permission to make it important again, but this time with some godly influences and people to keep me on His path too. There are heaps of things I struggled with, with my scrapping in the past - like time management and comparing myself to others, and scrapping about my faith, but I just feel better supported to handle these things now. So thanks so much Sal - your SoF community has really brought so much into my life, not to mention how super excited I am about designing for you. I have been working really hard on my first class for Spet. I totally love the LO, I totally enjoyed making it and I just hope that everyone else enjoys it too. I really feel that God has blessed me with some creativity once again. Can't wait to show you all, and hopefully teach you too :).

Have finally got back into reading my 'Battlefiend of the Mind' book and study. I've been so super busy - and quite honestly fillingmy spare time with the wrong things sometimes - the last few weeks that I've not even had time for this study. But Eli fed early this morning so it was a great time to get back into it and spend a little time with God and His wisdom. I learnt a lot and remember how awesome this book is now, so hopefully I can continue to get into it and stop putting it off.

Had a really great weekend too. I just LOVE Saturday and Sunday lazy afternoons. Yesterday we decided to watch a movie together - RV which was a nice family flick. Saturday and the rest of Sunday afternoon we were doing our own things - myself scrapping, Jaidyn drawing or playing Lego Star Wars on the xbox and Greg playing WOW on the computer, but we were all in the same room and it was just perfect! Gentle breeze blowing too made it all that more better. Yes, we need to try to spend a little MORE time all together, but we still enjoyed ourselves just being in company.

Anyway, off to make a scrummy stuffed potato for lunch and maybe have some down-time with Dr Phil and Oprah.... love being a SAHM!!

Hope you're all having a blessed day!

5 things to be thankful for today:
1. The gentle and loving discipline of God.
2. The pleasures of scrapbooking.
3. That God is working with me to beat my addiction to food!
4. Saturday and Sunday afternoons
5. Quality time that I had with my boys over the weekend, watching a movie.


lusi said...

Am totally so excited to hear about your loss and that you have had a great family weekend too!
Sounds like its all going so well Nat.
Love and huggles to you all,
Lus x

Deb said...

congrats on the awesome result Natti!! Way to go :)

Muz and Gayle said...

Hey Nat...Congrats on your WW success.
LOVE the pics of and Eli too.
Hey I've got a good book for you to read when you have finished with Battlefield of the Mind (good book by the way). Its called Just Walk Across the Room by Bill Hybels. Its about evangelism and I'm LOVING it.
Great to here you are doing well. Love hearing what you are up to. I will update my blog after the 23rd when I get more MB..I've exceeded mine for the month.

Sal :-) said...

Hey Nattie whoooohoooo on the loss!!!!! You go girl!!

I'm so glad you are loving SoF and all the things you said I totaly understand. Cropping can be a blessing & an evil in our life. Ohhhh If only these girls new what was in store for them for September!!! Your LO is soooo yummy!!

So happy for you for having such a blessed weekend with the boys!!

Big hugs & blessings :)

Belinda said...

Hey Nat..I am finally getting around to all to say thankyou for the comment on my blog regarding my sons birth...
I will drop by again when i have a bit more time and check out your blog a little closer.
Take care..

Megan said...

So happy for you about the weight loss. You deserve to be proud of yourself. Glad you had a great time at the SoF class. I am so signing up for the next one.

Nic Wood said...

I just cruising around everyones blogs, and it seems just about everyone had a fantastic weekend! You are sounding SO content and happy Nat. Congrats on the weight loss too.

Nic xxx

PS those photos in your last post are just gorgeous!

Katie Toland said...

Congrats on the weight loss Nat, well done! I am bummed that I couldn't to the SoF class with you guys, but can't wait to see your upcomming stuff!

kathie said...

Congrats on the weight loss. I'm so glad that you're feeling on a high with it.
It sounds like you had a great weekend, and yay! for feeling creative again.

Roz said...

Loving hearing about the place you're in right now :o)

AND CONGRATS! What an achievement- you'e doing so well!! Keep up the good work miss!

Lara said...

wow - heaps of achievements. Loving SoF too & what it's doing in my life, getting me back on track & sorting priorities! Speaking of which better go tidy up before dinner!