Friday, July 28, 2006

bits and pieces

My floor is clean - yes! Got the vacuuming done today (well the important part of the house anyway) which only took me like a week to find time for :)

Naughty naughty me. I have become a bit of a 'spendaholic' lately and its a bad habit I don't want to develop. Have been buying sooo much stuff lately, probably stuff I don't really need either. Gotta kick that quick smart coz won't have the money for it next month... NOT going to spend ANYthing else (except groceries etc) till next months pay - that's two more weeks!!

On the topic of buying, I am so happy that I found a nice dress to wear to a wedding we're going to next weekend. I was starting to get worried I would not find anything, but found a nice one and for 20% off too!

Oh, and I got a nice little parcel from Cass from Scrap Pile today. Some nice little embellishments and ribbons I soooo didn't really need but were so pretty I just had to order them! Naughty.... no more spending I promise!!

Bubby is starting to settle better on his tummy for his day sleeps. I'm a little paranoid about it and am continually checking to see he's breathing! But he's sleeping better for it.... I'm not ready to let him sleep that way through the night though....

He's sleeping through fairly consistently now... provided he has his dinner-feed not too early. He's going between 8-10 hours a night. How blessed are we!! Praise God!

Something seems to be wrong with Greg's car again. It was displaying multiple warning lights on his way home last night, so to be safe I took him to work this morning - nice and early at 6am! He's going to have a closer look at it tomorrow, hoping its nothing coz we only just bought a whole new motor a few months ago.

I went for a walk yesterday! Can you believe it!! Greg and I walked Jaidyn to school, which is about 20 mins each way. I hope to get into a routine of being able to walk him to or from school regularly - depending on when Eli feeds of course...

I'm going to join Weight Watchers on Monday. Am well and truly ready to lose this extra weight now, and sick of putting it off week after week. Losing time when I could be losing weight. Have 2 friends from church joining with me too, so hopefully that will help keep me accountable. And some girls to walk with too :) I have new walking clothes (coz my old stuff didn't fit!) so no more excuses - except its raining today! Ha!

Well better go get baby fed so I can go pick up hubby from work :)

My 5 things today:
1. Beautiful rain! Let's hope it makes enough difference to the dams now :)
2. Grocery day - we have food in the house again now, yay!
3. New scrap stuff
4. Some awesome blogs that have really made me think - eg Cathy Zielske's 'fearless' post from a few days/weeks ago
5. My beautiful little boys :)


Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

I also buy from Cass at Scrap Pile. I love her online shop.

I hope you get the results you want at WW and you enjoy doing it with your other friends.

Walking is great exercise. We don't have a car so I walk my daughter to school everyday.

Just a word of advice make sure everyone has been to the bathroom before you leave home. My dd has had "emergencies" more than once on the way to school.... lol

Have a great week end.

kathie said...

I'm glad that Eli has settled a bit. Don't stress too much about the weight just yet. It took me four months until I could fit back into my pre-pregnancy clothes and now, another four months down the track, I'm skinnier than I ever have been. Just keep breastfeeding as long as you can. You wait, Eli will go through a growth spurt at 3 months and you'll go through a corresponding slimming down. They drain ya, these little bubbies.

Nat-Mardon said...

Hey Kathie,
But I'm also a lot more hungry while breastfeeding, so am more likely to PUT ON weight instead of lose I think!

I think WW have a good breastfeeding program anyway, so it will just help to get myself into a healthy eating regime anyhow...


Shazz said...

i walk every morning nat (not this morning though as i had been up all night with MY baby - mark is ill...LOL) and i find it is such a great way to start the day. i think about things i need to do for the day, scrap los in my head, have discussions with people i have trouble confronting and just have a good 45 minutes of "me" time.
i am glad that eli is settling for you and i hope that he continues to thrive and be a blessing to you and your family.
have a great weekend


lusi said...

Hey sweetie!
So glad to hear that Eli is slepping well for you...great news!
How did your visit with your mum go? I've been meaning to ask you.
And yay too for the walking! I bet WW is going to be great for you, especially havig the girls to share the journey with!
Glad you found a nice dress too - all good news girl! Chat soon?
Love to everyone,
Lus x