Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Goodness me, been SO swamped lately! Swamped with relatives staying, swamped with meetings to attend, swamped with just general things to do! Yikes! Actually today will be the first day in like 2 weeks or so that I don't really HAVE to go out. Well, apart from groceries after school and to duck down to print some photos... lol, my life never seems to be 'totally free' anymore...

I'm doing Kim Archer's Hour of Power class today, which I'm really looking forward to! I just hope this computer will work for long enough to be there for the class. Our internet connection is stuffed somehow (probably the cheap wireless Greg bought), so I'm using his brother's Apple today. Now, apple is rather different to PC and I'm pretty computer-illiterate, so I'll probably break something before 1pm today! Fingers crossed. Anyway, the class is 'what's in a name?' so I'm going to do Eli (and then may even mimic it to do Jaidyn's name too... but I think I'm going to use the actual meaning of his name rather than using the acronym (?) like Kim has, as Eli doesn't really have *much* of a defined personality just yet!

Caught up with Erica, Roz, Tash and some of the Boxx girls on Monday. Was a great lunch together, although seems ed to go too fast as I didn't get thre till 11.30am and had to leave again at 2pm to do school pick-up! Think I was almost driving for longer than I was socialising... was good to see the girls though, and I got to meet the gorgeous little mcKenna Glover. she's just such an adorable little bundle Eck! hope to see you girls again soon, this time for a scrap day hey!

We took the boys to the Sciencentre on Saturday while the in-laws were up. I don't think I've been there since I was a kid, so it was almost a new experience. Lots of fun and cool stuff there. Our favourite thing was the giant table and chairs... its not really that scientific or anything but they've made furniture 1.75 times larger than normal, so its like you are a 3-yr old when you get up there! An absolute hoot! We took lots of pics, but i'll have to show those later when Greg hooks this Mac to our PC. I was really tired that day for some reason (even though I had a fairly good night's sleep) so I found some of it a little more boring than if I had more energy... man I really need to start to get out exercising again to help boost that!

Anyway, got lots to do today. have a whole house of cleaning that needs some attention, darn it.

N xx

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lusi said...

Oh Nat, sounds like you girls had a fun time catching up even if it had to be cut short!
Those giant chairs sound so fun! Can't wait to see the pics!
Hoping you can get your computer fixed soon...i know its soooooooo frustrating!
Love ya heaps,
Lus x