Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Short and sweet

Not much to say today.

Eli has been terribly unsettled most of the day. Right now he's kinda asleep lying across my lap on his belly, but it probably won't last long, and I can't really do much like this!

The house is a mess and I've done neither of the two things I really wanted to get done today.

Plus I'm really dying to scrap, but who knows when that will happen.

Not much of a productive day really. I just hope I can get a couple things done and the house looking kinda OK for when Greg gets home tonight.

Prayers for a solid afternoon sleep for Elijah please?? (but not too long coz I still want him to sleep tonigh!)

N xx

5 things I'm appreciating for today (and I gotta look to these when having a crappy day):

1. Christian authors who help you to see it how it really is (eg Joyce Meyer).
2. Dummies (of the pacifying variety)
3. Salad sandwiches and cheesecake
4. My dryer
5. That God is in control of my life!!


lusi said...

Honey...sending you lots of hugs right now...some days are tougher than others...wish I could be closer to help you out (and then we could scrap together too every now and then!) lol
Love your '5 things' too!
Praying for ya and love ya heaps!
Lus x

Muz and Gayle said...

Yep..God sure is in control of your life!! I couldn't imagine it if he wasn't. Atleast when you have these not-so-good days you know God is still in control and that he knows what He is doing.
Hey guess what!!! We are moving to a new town to plant an AOG church! And guess what else...I am opening a scrap shop as an outreach!! Very excited.
Praying tomorrow is a better day for you.

kathie said...

You sound like he might be in the throes of one of those lovely growth spurts. Hugs, I can sympathise. At least he'll take a dummy. Jamie preferred to just cry.
Take care.