Monday, July 24, 2006

I hate rush hour

WHY do both children have to chuck tantrums at the same time? And why is it always 5pm?

Here's me trying to finish the dishes, take washing off the line and start tea with one screaming baby who is fighting not to sleep, and one 5-yr old who's chucking a tantrum coz he has to have a bath!

Enough already!

And then DH gets home and wonders why I look like a wreck! Its all in the hour between 5-6pm I tell you!

Enough already!


Kylie said...

awww nat! this is where i try to convince myself i will never have children! lol! just think of the good times when ur in the bad... or something like that! LOL! hope your night gets better!

Moira said...

Oh yeah - I can soooo relate to this!!! Friends variously call it the witching hour, the feral hour and the mad time, but I call it the 5pm frazzle. EEEK! When I have to do it on my own, I bath the kids at 4.30 (I am a mean mother!). x

kathie said...

Yep, know all about it. Phil thinks I just sit around all day drinking coffee. Grrr.

Nat-Mardon said...

LOL Kathie! they are sooo oblivious to exactly how much we DO aren't they! MEN!

Anonymous said...

Dear Nat,

I think everyone has these days. I have two older children and this is the time (everyday) they start fighting with each other. Now they have 'chores' to do at this time. Still have the arguing but usually with me. You sound like a great mum. God bless you!!!


Jasmine said...

It's exactly the same in our house Nat LOL!!! One thing that has helped through winter is my slow cooker. I only bought it a couple of months ago and it makes life so much easier if I can get dinner started earlier in the day. Just know that we're all going through it together :)

Shazz said...

that's why we always called it "arsenic hour" in our house nat.
hope today is better for you


Sarah said...

So much has happened since I wa here last!! You're a MUMMY again! Congratulations, your boys are just gorgeous!


Kathy Pitt said...

My mother used to call it the Witching hour, that time of day :)