Sunday, July 09, 2006

More piccies

Hi all,

Just thought I might include some more piccies of the boys. Been trying to snap some whenever I can with Jaidyn home this week, however its so hard to get any decent ones! This one would be so much better without that dummy, lol! But I guess that's what kept him quiet so its part of it huh!

You may also notice the change in template... that last one was so boring. And I'm so unskilled when it comes to making pretty banners and html, so I can't even do a nice one of me and my boys... anyone offering for me??? please?? So a nice bright pink will have to do for now.... except that when I changed I lost all my blog links - bum..... so I'll work on slowly getting them back up.... (Lus, can you please email me your blog link again, so that I can keep uo with what's going on in your life please..?)

Well it seems that's all the pics blogger will let me upload in this post, so I'll post some more later. Now, I better go get my butt scrappin. I'm doing a mini concertina album for my Nana's b'day - which is today! I have a couple of hours to finish it... nothing like leaving it to the last minute!

Nat xx


Roz said...

ohhhh, look at your boys!! totally adorable! love love LOVE that top pic of them both- gorgeous!

Sorry, can't help with the blog thing either- I'm hopeless at it lol

Ruthy said...

What gorgeous boys you have Nat!
Time is flying too 6 wks already. Hope your keeping well and your mum is getting better.
Love Ruthy x

Nic Wood said...

THey are beautiful photos Nat - I love that one of the boys together, its just perfect with the dummy in! THey are both good looking little boys - J looks just smitten with his baby brother too
Nic xxx

lusi said...

Hello gorgeous friend!
Those pics of your boys are ADORABLE!!!
Sorry I haven't had a chance to email you back yet Nat...had a crazy busy but good day so will try and do it tomorrow..along with updating my blog!
Yours looks great - loving that new look too!!!
Lus x

Tam said...

your boys are so spunky, precious! loving those pics. and it sounds like your loving being mummy to your two miracles :o)

Deb said...

awwww those photos are sooo cute!!!!!


Madamx81 said...

i'm convinced Jaiden is going to be a model - he is absolutely gorgeous and so photogenic!! I'm glad to see you're back and your darling mum got to meet Eli, she must be so sick of being in hospital!

Susan (smiles1965) from Scrapboxx said...

Great photos Nat, thanks for sharing. Your sons are so cute.

Nice that your mum finally got to meet Eli, and she is improving health wise, wonderful news.

Love the new pink blog template, great choice. Have a wonderful week and take care:)

Mel said...

Oh Natti, little Eli is just so adorable! Love the pirate pics of Jaidyn too... They look like they'll grow up to be great mates.
How are you, BTW?