Thursday, July 20, 2006

Random thoughts

When you have only a few moments in the early hours of the morning, a random post seems to be the way to get some things down.

* My baby seems to be beginning to sleep through, yay! For the last two nights he's slept from about 9.30-5am. It would be better if it was 6am, but I do like getting up early - having some time to myself before Jai gets up. Yay to little Eli!

* Just watching the news... there is so much crap going on in our world these days. So much disaster. War in Lebanon, another tsunami, shootings, dog maulings... where are the feel-good stories these days huh? I guess that's why I like watching ACA and Today Tonight, coz they usually have some stuff that renews our faith in human nature. Makes me ponder just how close the end of this world (and the coming of my Lord!) may be?

* New life is such a miracle! Praise God! Just looking at my little man who has just fallen asleep in his rocker next to me, his dummy squashed up against his little face - so precious. Yes, there is definitely still much beauty in this world....

* I'm addicted to coffee. Not so good when I should be cutting down while breast-feeding, but I just seem to want more and more... and so not good for the colour of my teeth either.

* I participated in Kim's online class 'Hour of Power' yesterday... well, it was an hour of chaos for me. lol! Got about half of it done I think, but I MUST finish it, so it doesn't end up in my pile of UFOs that just gets bigger and bigger. Thanks though Kim! Your stuff is always beautiful.

* Will be catching up briefly with Dianna, Shazz, Ruthy and some other ladies on Friday. I have't met Shazz yet, so that will be good, and always good to see Ruthy's smiling happy face!

* The Biggest Loser is coming back! Yay! Gotta love that show. They really make AJ look so big on TV though. I have her book and thought she was much thinner... unless they MADE her get fatter... who would do that though when it was suc a struggle to get it off? Anyway, hopefully I'l be able to get all motivated and lose weight WITH them this time :)

* Gotta go see my Mummy today. Haven't ben for a week and a half ad I feel terrible that I have let life get so busy around me. I'm just DYING for a day off, to just sit at home and do nothing (but a bit of housework).. but it seems its not to be this week!

* Just wanna do a call-out to my beautiful friend Lusi! Love you girl and really trying to find some time to have a chat! Last night was just not working... lol... cell group tonight, but maybe tomorrow night huh? Hope you are feeling better today sweetie :) thinking of you and your gorgeous family.

Have a great day all,
N xxx


lusi said...

Oh Natti, thanks so much for the lovely call-out!!! You made me smile when I read that! I know, last night didn't work for me either and tomorrow night we start back with Rock Solid (the drop in cnetre) of these days hun -lol!
And I'm feeling stacks better today :)
Hope you have a great visit with your ma and have fun with the girls on Friday!
Love to everyone,
Lus x

kathie said...

I can't wait until Blogger's behaving again and I can get to see some updated photos of gorgeous little Eli!

Take care Nat!