Saturday, July 29, 2006

Fearless of Fearful?

While browsing blogs yesterday I came upon a gem on Cathy Zielske's blog (sorry don't know how to link, you probably all have the address anyway). A real thinker. A real change-your-life, or at least your day, experience. She asked us what WE have done in our lives that was FEARLESS??

We go through life harbouring so much fear for what *might* happen, what people *might* think, what *might* go wrong. How true that is!

Let's step out of our comfort zones and really LIVE!

So what have YOU done that has been fearless? Or what did you do anyway DESPITE being fear-FUL??

Took a while to think about this one.

The first thing that sprung to my mind was probably deciding to keep my baby and become a Mum at age 17. This was both a fearless and fearful experience really. There was no way I was terminating my pregnancy - that decision was a fearless one. But anticipating how my life would change, what I would be like as a mother, would I still get a degree/career etc, that was the fearFUL time. But I did it. I changed my life. And it was the best thing I've ever done. God had a plan for my life, and if I had aborted (get shivers at that word) I would most probably not be anywhere near where I am right now in life. Where I am HAPPY right now. I would also most probably not be with MY GOD, and how heart-breaking would that be!

On a day-to-day basis I DON'T do a lot of things that I should, or that God is calling me to do, because of fear. Fear of rejection? Fear of change? I don't know. Fear of stepping out of my comfort zone most probably.

But God calls me to a higher cause! He calls me to STEP OUT IN FAITH! He calls me to be a witness to my non-christian friends. He calls me to be a loving friend and sister to my christian friends. He calls me to serve. He calls me to love.

I just gotta step out.

And this week, I'm gonna try to obey him just that *bit* more, without *thinking* about it. Just do it!

So what have you done?



Crissy Gaylor said...

How very true. Very deep. I find lack of confidence usually stops me from doing things. But, since I have started scrapbooking and meeting new friends I have found that my confidence is growing and I am pushing myself more to do what I want to do, regardless of the outcome. :)

lusi said...

Deep indeed girl! Love your thoughts here and what a HUGE decision it must have been for you at an age and time where you were vulnerable and unsure of what was ahead...and look at you now!
For me...Despite being fearful of rejection, I went to my lss and submitted an accordion style booklet which told them about me and why I wanted to teach there...I know it doesn't sound much, but that was the beginning of good things for me.
Despite being fearful of failing as a young mum, we had three kids and choose to try and raise them loving their God, their family and their friends. Despite being fearful of what others think, we choose to discipline them the way we believe is approrpriate. I'm slowly learning that my guide is my Lord and He does direct my path. Does that all make sense?
Luv ya!
Lus x

Lara said...

Wow Nat, this is deep! Having just read your latest post and Sals scrap of faith blog I'm feeling really challenged - life's been just sliding by lately - with so much busyness - the Martha in Mary & Martha! What have I done to step out in faith - I guess choosing to post here & to post on the SOF blog is a start as I've tended to avoid Christian scrapping but something told me I have to! I guess the last couple of weeks have been steps of faith financially as we've faced a lot of costs we didn't expect and just don't have the finances to cover but God has got us through (cheque from FK, finding some AU$ in a pocket that I could exchange) & it's now only 2 days till pay day & I still have $20! Thanks for your post & visit to my blog!

Sal :-) said...

Wow Nat, your fears are my fears. I nearly walked away from the scrapping world of being on forums etc the other week because I felt you couldn't make a Christian bassed comment without it being attacked. The fear of being rejected for being Christian was way to real.

Praying for your "Stepping out"

Cheryl Wray said...

K, Nat, I had to leave for a while but I'm back home now and kinda surfing through your posts. Great post here!! I definitely find it challenging to always be fearless in my faith. I definitely think it's an everyday kind of thing!!
Also--thanks for the scrap of faith mention. I've gone to check it out and looks very cool!!