Thursday, September 15, 2005

Beads and Beads!!

Went bead shopping with my friend Mel yesterday and what was supposed to be only a half-day (so I could spend some time with Greg on his day off) easily turned into a full day.. oops.. and I was in bed at 8.30pm last night, lol.

We went to three shops. One in Southbank and two over the northside of Brisbane - Grange and Virginia... mostly they wer pretty good. Don't think I'll go back to the one at Southbank again, but then again as I'm a beginner I was majorly overwhelmed with all that I could buy! The second shop was at Virginia and called Peppercorn Gems.... its a strange big shop with just bits and pieces of everything - it has play equipment (swingsets etc), some sporting stuff, and a big beading section.... I think I've seen the store on Extra or Today Tonight or something before... its like they have got all their interests and just combined! They also have cool dinosaur displays for the kids - rather exciting really! So this store had a rather big range of blass beads and stone beads for separate sale, but also had most of the various brands of packaged beads - from the plastic cheapo ones you find in Crazy's to some gorgeous glass ones... good range I must say! So I got a whole heap of plastic ones (to start with) which I was going to buy from Spotlight anyway (save a trip!) and a few various pretty glass ones that I'm going to make specific things with. I would show you here but my camera batteries decided not to work again, so I might just update with a pic when they are charged again...

We then went to one at the Grange called Posh Beads. We went there earlier but they didn't open till 2pm - weird... so we had to go back... they have lovely imported beads and at great prices too - and they are great business people - generous not stingy... I got 100m of tigertail for $10 which previously I bought 11m for $7 I think - really good price and I won't go anywhere else now! They also have these cute bead kits... from $10-$25.. I got a pretty $10 kit to make a nice necklace in turquoise and black... perfect for the new skirt I bought last week! I thought too that starting with a kit will help me with my confidence for the others!! And hopefully I can work out how to do all the tricks - gosh, I really do need a book hey! My friend Mel said she will photocopy hers for me, if she remembers though....

So probably this arvo or tonight I will sit down and make some stuff! I'm eager to! Also have scrapping stuff to make still... better get off the pc and do something hey! Oh, and don't remind me about the HOUSEWORK!

Ciao, N xx


Roz said...

Well Natti, I expect to see some pics of these gorgeous creations soon!!

Sounds like you're keeping busy!!

R xo

Deb said...

Hey Natti!

Um... not sure why you think I'm avoiding you- I just havent been at the computer as much as I used to be lately! I've even been slack with my blog! lol

anyhoo, sorry I missed ya today, but hopefully will catch up soon!

Looking forward to seeing some of your creations too!

Lub Deb :D