Friday, September 16, 2005

My first creations...

Ooh, I made some jewellery last night! My first 'real' play and I'm so chuffed with my efforts. I can now do it! Sure, I still need to learn a few more techniques and tricks (and maybe I'll get a book or two) but I can do the basics, and they look pretty good if I do say so myself.

Here is the $10 kit I bought...

And here it is made up. I had enough extra bits and pieces to make some cute earrings too. At first I wasn't totally in love with this kit coz it's
rather 'chunky' but now I love it! And I can't wait to wear it! This is one I'm definitely keeping for myself!

As I was lying half-awake in bed this morning before 6am (crazy yes) I was thinking that I can wear it to a wedding that we have on next Friday. I have a black dress that I think I'll wear with it, or I might just have to buy that little black lace-trim singlet I've been eyeing off to go with my new skirt - and wolaa - a whole new outfit! Now to match in Greg... we could buy him a nice teal tie and he could wear black too, or he has a tealy-greeny shirt he can wear with his black tie... hhmmm.... I think we'll look good!

Here is the other little set I made. I bought these pretty lampwork glass beads (the big barrell-type ones) on Wednesday. I did want to make earrings to match but they looked a little funny on earrings - might try again later as I still have 2 left.

We had a lovely 'family' day yesterday. Greg had the day off work, so we took Jaidyn to see 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory'. I was a little worried that it might be a bit scary but it wasn't one bit and I even thought one part in the original was more scary! So it was good, Jai loved it. I thought Johnny Depp was great, but unfortunately I thought him the best part of it. I thought it was very much like the original in the script (well in the parts that were the same - it was obvious they used the same lines at the book), but there were a few different parts, and I must say I was disappointed with the squirrels - the golden-egg-laying geese were much better! And the oompa-loompas a little 'freakish' (the scariest bit in the movie I reckon!). But still a good day out. We then went to HJs for lunch. And then came home and watched 'Robots' which we had hired out the night before. A pretty good day together, and something we don't often get to do, so I treasure it.

I just read some mail we got from the Real Estate yesterday and they are going to put the rent up AGAIN at new-lease time in a few months. That will be $15 it has gone up in this year! Bastards! I think we'll definitely be moving! Now to start looking around again I guess...

Tomorrow I'm teaching one class at the shop. It was supposed to be 2 but the afternoon class was cancelled. Bit of a bummer but I guess you get that sometimes. Hope you all have a good weekend :)

N xx


Shari said...

Well Nattie these are just stunning - you are one clever possum!!! Love them!!

I am so positive that the classes will all pick up soon!!! Hang in there!

Love Shari xxxxxxxxx

Brooke said...

Oh N... they're just beautiful!! What an amazing first effort, you talented thing!! I love the chunky top one... it'll look gorgeous. Can't wait to see piccies of you wearing it!


Sarah said...

They look great Natti!!

I'm thinking of getting into it too!!

Roz said...

Natti!! These are stunning! You clever little chooken!! Can't wait to see some irl!!
Roz xo