Sunday, September 04, 2005

The (not so) big launch...

Well, I had my business launch last night. Unfortunately most of my friends could not come, guess it was just a terrible date huh.... but it was a good night with those that did come. I had 8 girls there, my gorgeous friend Hayley brought 2 friends which was great coz company might have been kinda low otherwise!

Unfortunately for me, I did not get a great deal of orders, but I did OK and am able to stock up my stash with a few freebies. I have a few 'tentative' demo or workshop bookings too, but a bit of chasing up to do to get concrete dates and business!

I found it a little difficult trying to be the consultant collecting orders when people wanted to chat or what-have-you. I think it will be much better when they are not all my friends sitting around IYKWIM. So thanks to everyone who came to support me. Now onto doing it all myself!!

Fathers Day today was nice. We bought Dad some spunky denim shorts and a polo top and he looks all hip and spiffy now.... very proud of my purchase... but I should have got Greg some too - now I'll just have to go back on Monday or Tuesday for him...

Poor Greg had to work today, so I guess the day wasn't the same without him, but I guess you get that working in retail. Jaidyn and I went to Mum and Dad's for lunch. It was originally meant to be for dinner, but Mum changed plans (much to Greg's disappointment) because my uncle is down from Townsville on business and he could only do lunch. Poor Greg felt rather rejected, my poor baby. But at least Mum sent home some yummy leftovers for him. We had BBQed satay chicken and stirfried vegies... mmmm..... and it was late so I'm not cooking tonight either.

Well, I have to go and finish cleaning up from my launch last night, heat up Greg's dinner and then I have some more class samples to get stuck into.

N xxx

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Shari said...

Congratulations on your launch Natti!! Now that you have officially started, there will be absolutely no stopping you I am sure of that!!! Glad to read that you had a lovely father's day with your family and I hope Greg likes the left-overs - poor fellow having to work! :(
Take care xxx