Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Dress up parties, girlfriends and more...

I haven't posted from over the whole weekend so I'll run through quickly what we did.

Saturday night was my sister's 21st party. She had a 70s theme, and it was a great night! Almost ALL her friends hired costumes and everyone just looked awesome! We had a couple of 'Disco Stu's with their afros, a couple of hippie chicks, but the best were the little dresses and knee high boots, cute headbands and bee-hive hairdos - her girlfriends just looked awesome! My sister Liss dressed as Wonder Woman and really did the part well... unfortunately I did not take any pics on my camera (coz its shit!) but I used my cousins Digital-SLR and we got quite a few.... I did not have a costume unfortunately. I was going to wear these bright purple pants I have, but Greg tried them on and they looked better on him! So he wore them! With his ridiculous bright tye-died shirt that he keeps in the back of his cupboard (and that I can't believe he actually used to WEAR before I came along... it was his Dad's from the 70s!)... he looked pretty good though. So I just went and bought a new skirt and some bling so I least I felt nice! My Dad was hilarious! My mum found him this bright tye-died top and a funny long-haired wig so he looked awesome!! His brother (my uncle) came in similar attire looking kinda like Ozzy Osborne and together they looked a treat! it was great fun! So far both my sister and I have had dress-ups for our 21st (mine was Hollywood Nights) so I wonder what our little sis will do...

Sunday was church and Greg actually was able to come this time (not working) so that was really good! We went out to HJs for lunch afterward and took it over to a park... the boys went and played football, the kids played on the playground and the ladies all sat around the tables talking - it was great!! Poor Greg though got a little knocked around and put his teeth through his top lip! Lol... the joys of football - oh and that was touch too!

I went out for dinner on Sunday night for a girlfriends b'day. She lives and works down near Newcastle now (Singleton - Hunter Valley) so it's always good when she comes to visit. We went to a Turkish restaurant and it was pretty nice :) It's good to catch up with my highschool girlfriends, unfortunately it seems to be more time between get-togethers these days. So Happy Birthday to Mel for yesterday :) We are going to spend a bit of Wednesday together shopping for beads so that will be good - we have quite a history together (highschool best friend) and although our lives almost parted we seem to have more respect for each other now and acknowledge we have busy and somewhat different lives...

Today unfortunately my Kids class has been cancelled coz I only got one participant book - come on kids, it would have been fuuunnn.... but oh well... I'm off to morning tea with the church ladies instead so I'm kinda glad I can go to that now :) I just hope that my two Saturday classes get some more bookings coz they are looking a little scarce too - man, and I thought the monogram one was especially good! Bummer :( Fingers crossed for some more participants though OK!

Well, I'm off to have some more breakfast. I've also got some Crafty Kids bits an pieces to make and play around with if I have time today. Jai stayed at Mum's last night (Coz I needed babysitting for class) so I've got the house to myself at the moment - nice and quiet!

Have a great few days!
N xxx

P.S. Haven't yet heard about the job, maybe today... really don't know if I want it hey! Oh, and I actually went to the gym yesterday! Shock horror I know!

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Shari said...

It sounds like your sister's party was a blast Nat!!! I do hope we get to see some of those pics soon!!! Sorry to hear about the kid's class - I am sure it will all get busier soon!!!! Talk you soon, Shari xxx