Monday, September 05, 2005

A safe car again and potential business

I *finally* went and got a set of new tyres this morning, and gosh I feel so much better! We've been driving around for the last few weeks on bald tyres and I just kept putting it off... but seeing that they were worn down to the canvas on Saturday gave me a big shock, and I've been driving around having panic attacks since! So it feels good to feel safe again....

While I was waiting for my tyres, I decided to do a letter-box drop around that area and dropped Crafty Kids adverts in 80 letterboxes... I hope I get some responses. Apparently you can expect a 1% response rate, so that means less than one person (lol) but I'm hoping for at least 1 or 2. It's hard to pick which houses you think might have a bit of money or be crafty... lol I found myslef looking for crafty bits and pieces on verandahs and such, but mostly just dropped one in every letterbox. I'm out of ink right now, but will get some more and do a drop around my streets too I think.

I also went exploring and had a little lookie in a newsagent. Found some clipboards there so I bought one and I'm going to have a go at an altered one... not sure whether I should do this one for myself or maybe for Mum for Xmas...

My good friend Sam also has been working hard for me. I called her this morning and she's been showing all her clients and family and friends the accordion album we made last week. Mainly because she's very proud of what she made, but she's also been mentioning my business (What a doll!)... so her aunty is very interested in having a workshop - yay me! Now just to phone her! This is fun!!

Have a good one everyone, I better get back to my class samples!
Nat xx


Roz said...

Wow Natti! SOunds like you're getting stuck into it!! Good on you, and I hope you get some responses from the letterbox drop :o)
Roz xo

Shari said...

Hey Natti!! I am glad that you are all safe again!!! Good luck with the responses from the letterbox drop - I hope that you pick up some clients!!!
Shari xxx

Mel Goodsell said...

Hi there Nat!! Good luck with your Crafty Kids thing, they have some cool products hey!
Mel x