Thursday, September 01, 2005

What a day!

Yesterday was a great, but busy and tiring day... I taught my accordion album class to my Mum's craft group. They absolutely loved it! While there was more talking going on than scrapping at times, and they are going to have to finish them off next week on their own (even after 4 hours!), they really got a kick out of the album, all my stock and ideas too. So I got a kick out of that too! And they are such a great bunch of ladies that I thoroughly enjoyed it. They even gave me some lovely little thankyou gifts, even though I charged them $10 for the class... my good friend Sam came along too and she said that she just got so much out of it, which made me feel special. Many of them made them for theur hubbies for Fathers Day, so good timing too hey.

I also managed to get a couple of orders for Crafty Kids stuff too, yay!

Sam then waxed my eyebrows and we had a bit of a chat (at her house). She and her brother's gf are going to have a card-making workshop for me! Yay! And Mum said she will have a demo. So I'm pretty excited about my first business ventures there!

Well, today is just groceries this morning, then some scrapping this afternoon. I have class samples to make up for the shop and I want to take them in tomorrow so they are there for Sat which is the busiest day I guess....

Nat xx


14pk said...

you sound like a very crafty and creative person...!! love to see some of your stuff..

Roz said...

Yay Natti!! I'm so glad that it's going well for you! Told you you'd be great!! :o)

And yay- you've got someone to do your brows!! lol ;o)

R xo