Sunday, September 18, 2005

Weekend update...

Have had a fairly good weekend.

Saturday (yesterday) morning I taught a class at the shop (Stampers Heaven at Mt Gravatt). I did a monograms class and really quiet enjoyed this one. We made monogram letters with the ribbon backgrounds and they all turned out great! One particular one I loved was down in lime green, white and fuschia pink - yumm! I really hope my classes for October dont get cancelled coz I really love doing it!

My boss also asked me about Crafty Kids, and I was quite shocked seeing as though I never told anyone at the shop about it. I'm putting it down to that one of the girls must have either heard from someone who knows me or goggled my name and found my blog! In which case, HI girls!! Boss said not to tell any customers about it and of course I wouldn't... I think (and hope!) she's happy to have me working there as long as I keep them separate - no problems I say!

Last night we were just at home. I thought at like 5pm that we should have invited someone over for dinner, but then of course it was too late to ask anyone. I guess I forget about what we are going to do each night, and it's becoming a little monotomous... Anyway, Greg played some game on the pc and I did some scrapping - class samples. I shall take photos when they are finished and when my camera is working... good thing about doing class samples is that I'm making things that I can give as gifts for xmas... usually I don't get around to it, but this year both Mums will probably get something!

This morning Jaidyn and I went to church, Unfortunately Greg was working again - it sucks him working Sundays and I know he really misses coming to church. For those of you who knew about our 'which church' saga, we are now attending my friend Michelle's church over the northside and really loving it so far. I cannot get over the 'community-base' of it. Almost every week I have done something socially with the ladies - I'm loving it!

This arvo I got busy with the jewellery again. Made some stuff that I hope to sell, but I guess it depends if others think they are worthy to buy I guess... I made some black/green earrings, a necklace & earring set in teal, black and clear beads and another set in pale pink and green beads. I need to get more colours to work with now! I might take some piccies tomorrow and put them up here, if ppl are interested in seeing. I'm having fun doing it!

This Tuesday I'm having a Crafty Kids demo at my house. I have got quite a few of the ladies from church coming so I'm excited about that... might have to move the venue to the church though as there are possibly a few kids (like up to 10!) coming and I really don't think I can accomodate that number, especially when we have no backyard and us ladies will be in the loungeroom! Yikes! At least at the church there is a sandpit and swings they can go and occupy themselves with - sounds like a plan to me!

Well girls, that's my weekend. Hope you all have a great week!

Nat xx

P.S. Just realised that I *technically* graduated this week, although I didn't attend the ceremony.... we were a bit broke last week... yay me! I'm a REAL teacher!

P.P.S. My AWESOME friend Michelle got a job! Yay, I'm sooo proud of you Chelle if you ever read this and sooo happy that you have got something after we've been waiting a while. You are going to be awesome teacher and really make a difference in the lives of your students, I can tell! God rocks hey!


Roz said...

woohoo! congrats on being all 'official' now!! yippee!! And your time will come for a job missy :o)
R xo

Natasha said...

wow busy busy you hhehee. Thats good that you have finally decided on a Church, it is always good when you make a decision like that, otherwise you can feel like you are hanging in limbo a bit lol
Wish I had have read about the Crafty Kids thing sooner, I might have come along LMAO, oh well that will teach me for not reading blogs often.

Oh and I have no idea how I lost the 2kg lol, it just went...