Friday, September 23, 2005

Weddings and dinner with the folks.

Well this afternoon shall be quite nice. We are going to a wedding at our old church, so 1. it will be good to see friends get married (Greg grew up with the bride) and 2. will be good to catch up with friends from the church we haven't seen for a while. I'm wearing my black dress with my teal and black jewellery and Greg is wearing a greeny shirt with black pants and tie.. hopefully we kinda match :) If my camera decides to work this afternoon I'll try to take a couple piccies before we head off...

After wedding we are going to Mum and Dad's for dinner. The wedding finishes early evening and we have to leave a little early as we have to drop Greg's car off at the garage to be fixed tomorrow... so we'll then head out to Mum and Dad's for dinner. They are having family friends over too so it will be good to catch up with them.

Well, I just got home from a session at the gym. I'm sore. I can really feel that my fitness is slipping away so I really need to get there at least 3 times a week from now on... did 30 mins cardio and a body balance class today. Will be rather sore later I think as it really stretches every muscle in my body. Feel good that I went though. Trying to get back onto good eating today too. Had some baked beans on toast, no marg for breakfast and am about to have something for lunch. Will have to throw in a piece of fruit too I think. Hopefully the food at the wedding isn't too fatty!

Well, better be off. Hope everyone has a great weekend.
Nat xx


Shazz said...

So how was the wedding Nat......did you take any pics.
Can I ask you why the wedding was on a Friday....??? I have never heard of a wedding being on a FRiday before.
Have a good weekend

Nat-Mardon said...

I'm guessing coz it's cheaper Shazz...